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WestJet employee charged in $250,000 travel credit fraud

A former WestJet employee has been charged in connection with a $250,000 travel credit fraud scheme. Members of Calgary’s financial team within Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams or ALERT launched an investigation in July 2015 after WestJet conducted its own internal investigation into the matter. ( 기타...

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Social media has really improved the quality of photos available for these types of stories.
Yeah, but in this case a lower quality photo of this low class thief would have sufficed.
Where are the customary accounting controls that would have nipped this in the bud rather than let explode into a quarter million dollar fraud over three years?

As a passenger who pays for his ticket I deserve to have all my money paying for the flight, not going into a criminal enterprise.
The guy stole the airline's (and their stockholders') money, not yours.
Seriously, it is the passengers and shippers that pay all the airlines debt. You really don't believe losses are not included in the fares?
You're buying a product based on prices established in the past, not investing in the future, so customers don't really have any right to complain. But to your initial point, apparently their controls found the fraud in the first place; WestJet does billions in revenue, so $0.00025 billion is not significant in the grand scheme of things.
This is one of the very few times where, as a designated accountant and auditor for 11 years, I can actually post on this forum with some degree of expertise (woohoo!) Your point about customers not having the right to complain is valid, however shareholders should be asking how a fraud could go unabated for 3 years. No company control should take 3 years to detect a fraudulent scheme Normally these schemes come to light because someone rats out the perp. Fraudsters inevitably tend to brag about their exploits to others, and this eventually bites them.
"Loose lips sink ships"


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