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Working Wooden Model of Radial Engine (with video)

A hobbyist took his passion for woodworking and combined it with his love of all things mechanical to create a nine-cylinder radial engine from lumber and plastic. Articulating rods, wrist pin connectors, cam ring lobes, and crankshaft movements are all explained in easy-to-see giant wooden parts as the contraption swiftly moves in unison, fueled by Jimmerson’s portable drill rather than avgas. ( 기타...

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Ian, What a brilliant work of art. Your explanation makes these radial engines look to easy to work on! What an impressive wood engine. I had to watch it a view times to absorb the work that went into this project! Thank you!!
jbqwik 3
Brilliant, detailed, visual. One of the best, perhaps the best description of a radial engine I have seen. I can better appreciate the engineering that produced it and easy to understand why it was so durable.
Outstanding video. It makes it easy to understand the workings of the internal combustion engine along with the physics used in its design. Would be a great instructional video for junior high school physics classes.
One of the first things I wondered about was the counterweight, if any. I'm glad it was mentioned near the end of the video.
Outstanding craftsmanship. Thanks for sharing.
Just 1 word Ian : Amazing ! You must have 2 golden Hands.
rogera1b 1
Absolutely flawless
Well done!
Very good video of how it works... Check out my URL link of a "The WASP Pratt & Whitney R2800 Radial Engine. " on a mobile test stand. He would take it to airshows and other public events to show it off. He was having a corroborator problem, but it was a nice demo with it running: - I shot this video at a RC Airshow in Roanoke Virginia with the Roanoke Valley Remote Control Group
ADXbear 1
Fantastic...should be in every AP school
Agreed, even though very few coming out now days have a clue what to do with one. I feel to be one of the lucky ones to actually be trained on a radial engine as well as having wrench time on one. They are great engines that I have to see disappearing across our country
Absolutely excellent!
I use to work on radial engines. Love to hear start up and sound of them. That wooden engine was s piece of art work. Wish I had it. Thanks friend for your beautiful work
I agree... Same here... Did not get to work on them much, but in my early days I got to work on a couple of radials... My most memorable was a Jacobs 985....
Fantastic. The best explanation I have seen to date. Very impressive craftsmanship
Remarkable work of woodworking craftsmanship and engineering.Even sounds good on full rotation.
Working ? Maybe movement, simulating a working engine.


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