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Blue Angels Crash in Smyrna Tenn

Blue Angels Crash in Smyrna Tenn story Developing ( 기타...

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ilikerio 15
RIP Captain Jeff Kuss.
ilikerio 13
Prayers for his family...
I put this in the T-Bird thread. This was odd for 2 in 1 day but it got weirder. Both aircraft were Opposing Solo #6 aircraft/position. The BA pilot stayed with it to steer clear of people and buildings. Rest In Peace Marine !
allench1 8
What he did is the very essence of a hero, kept people on the ground safe at his peril. Rest in peace marine.
My condolences not only to Capt. Kluss's family, the Blue Angels, but to all Pilots, as I know you are all a big family. It touches very close to mt heart, as I experienced the same heartache with my father. May he REST IN PEACE.
Gone West..........RIP Captain Kuss
That is really sad. I'm still gonna go even though the Blues aren't performing. Sean D. Tucker is my favorite civi pilot and I would like to support the airshow.
I saw an item on the Blue Angels and the condition of their aircraft. Something that caught my eye was in an event the reporter witnessed, one of the BA's had an equipment malfunction, landed, and resumed the air show in the dual cockpit "media show" plane. People may slam the BA and Thunderbirds for spending money needlessly, but they are people in whom our country feels good about itself and they deserve the best equipment, not the hand me down older version F/A-18. They are our country's representatives - Super Hornets.
30west 8
I agree with you. Those slamming the cost, for the most part, don't realize that the funding comes from the Recruiting Command's budget. It is seen as an effective recruiting tool to attract young men and women to join the military, and it educates the public on our military and the great people serving. My understanding is that the Blues will switch to the Super Hornet next season. May he rest in Peace.
iflyfsx 3
Anyone who complains about the money spent on airshows has NO CLUE about the magnitude of waste and corruption in government spending, so their opinion is worthless.
Both teams have made it clear that the 'cost per recruit' is far less with the demonstration teams than traditional means. I hate government waste as much as anyone else but this is too important.
BaronG58 4
Air Force Thunderbird crashed today in Colorado Springs. Bad day for our finest.
Thankfully the pilot of the F-16 ejected safely.
joel wiley -2
He did.
RIP Captain Kuss. My prayers to the family and the Blues themselves. They are the epitome of professional military aviators and will take this hard.
First, condolences to the family of Jeff Kuss. We are all in sympathy as I was an Air Force fighter pilot too. The Navy F-18 has two engines and there must have been another reason for the crash. I would like to know why he didn't eject like the Air Force F-16 pilot did. I can't imagine an F-16 going down unless there was a total failure of the computer flight control system or complete engine failure and if that occurs---you're out. It actually landed itself and was almost completely intact so I have to rule out flight control. The Blue Angels fly a more dangerous and better program and I love their shows. The T-Birds are a bit more safety oriented. Whatever happened to Jeff must have put him in a position of G forces so he could not eject. Just my opinion.
I have met Jeff on many occasions and all he talked about was his family and his love of Aviation. I have seen many people pass away in Aviation in my time and it hurts big time. I speak for myself and many military pilots and say we are so saddened by this. Our prayers go out to his family, friends and to his Military family. Lets remember the great impact he has had on young children and even us adults. He was a true patriot and will be missed but never forgotten. Rest in peace.
RadBaron 2
Just updated that the pilot was killed in this accident.
So sad RIP
So sad.Hope they determine the cause to avoid another occurrence.
Thoughts & memories
So sad. My condolences.
The Blues pilot that was killed had a local reporter on a "ride along" when they visited Tuscaloosa, AL last year. I went out when they arrived & noticed one of the tires was down to the cords.
He was the ride-along pilot for a lot of media and athlete outreach flights. Several of the athletes he flew have tweeted condolences and pictures of when they met him.
Sympathy from Down Under to Jeff's widow, his two children and extended family, which of course, includes the Blue Angels team. I was fortunate to see the Blue Angels perform at Willow Run end of last August. Jeff did a mighty job commentating that day
Condolences to family and friends. A consolation is that he died doing what he loved to do. The shows that Blue Angels put on can't be beaten. RIP.
My deepest condolences to his family, Rest in peace Captain
prayers for the family it is a sad loss but he served his country and done what he enjoyed most which was flying.
Just terrible. Hope they can pinpoint the cause and hopefully avoid another tragedy.
Deepest condolences to his family, Rest in peace captain
Update on the Angels...
Does anyone know what caused this crash??
It's funny, I saw the Blue Angels on the 13/14/15 in St Louis..scary stuff...
Saw them in Ft Worth last month. Condolences to the family and team.
Perhaps the team should reconsider their policy of flying without Gsuits. They use the operationally. HiG blackout can = death. Another good pilot, a patriot, gone West. Semper fi.
They don't use G-suits because the air bladders will cause their wrists to move as they inflate/deflate. It's not that big a deal when you're 50+ feet from your wingman, but it's a disaster when you're only 18 inches away.
True definition of sacrifice. RIP and thank you for service.
Man! First the airshow stunt in the PDK Airshow, the F16, and the Blue Angel!
What are the odds of a Thunderbird and Blue Angel going down on the same day? Crazy...
A sad fact, a senseless fact. A man that "landed" successfully about 150 times on a carrier, lost their life due an air show. I love planes, I love to fly, but acrobatic and related activities, is to take a high risk without sense. God bless all members of Kuss family.
allench1 8
You just degraded some the finiest pilots in the world and for what reason? So u could exhale your valuable uneducated opinion without understanding the mindset of fighter pilots! This is what they live for. All fighter pilots live through these men. RIP fellow aviator
I believe the pilot got promoted.


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