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Incident: United B737 at Houston on Jul 11th 2016, rejected takeoff due to engine problem

A United Boeing 737-800, registration N73270 performing flight UA-1594 from Houston Intercontinental,TX to Denver,CO (USA) with 164 passengers and 6 crew, was accelerating for takeoff from Houston's runway 15L when the crew rejected takeoff at high speed (above 116 knots over ground) due to a blown right main tyre and requested to "roll the trucks". Sparks were seen from the left hand side, the aircraft came to a stop just short of taxiway WL about 2500 meters/8300 feet down the… ( 기타...

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Here we go again with sloppy reporting! The author of the Aviation Herald article, Simon Hradecky, stated that the aircraft had an RTO, due to a 'blown right main tyre [British?]'. Later he related that 'sparks were seen from the left hand side'. Later he related that 'the crew reported they had lost all the hydraulic fluid of the left hand system'. The "left's" win - 2 to 1. It was obviously a Left main tyre - and not a Right! Interestingly, Mr Hradecky's article goes on to state that 'officials reported an engine anomaly was observed prompting the crew to reject takeoff, during the slowdown the Left [Whoops!] main tyreS [Whoops!] blew'. So - the truth be told. The tyre blowout was not the cause of the RTO - but the result! It is not unusual to blow main's when standing on the pedals - as an outcome of an RTO. Sustained high tire friction is the culprit! Also, it is not uncommon to have sparks flying off from metal parts contacting the runway surface. The author could have pointed these things out IF he was aware of them! BTW A good [knowledgeable] editor could have caught these miscues. A periodical should have their articles written by authors knowledgeable about their subject matter - especially for an aviation periodical.
Who writes this stuff, a cub reporter?
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UAL 1594 stopped on runway at IAH with blown tires

HOUSTON - A flight reportedly leaving for Denver suffered an apparent technical issue on takeoff from Bush Airport in Houston early Monday. says United flight 1594 was supposed to take off shortly after 6:30 a.m.

The flight was taxiing when it was surrounded by firefighters and other emergency personnel.

A ladder was put in place, but it did not look like any passengers got off the plane.
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United Airlines plane blew out two of its tyres when a pilot slammed on the brakes during takeoff

A United Airlines plane blew out two of its tyres when a pilot abruptly stopped the takeoff while the aircraft was accelerating.

Airport officials say the Boeing 737 was taking off from Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport when the plane’s crew spotted a possible mechanical malfunction, thought to be an engine leak, causing the pilot to slam on the brakes.


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