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It's dry up there: drink water when flying

The next time you fly, soak a terrycloth hand towel so that it’s dripping wet and hang it up on the flight deck. Then fly a leg that’s at least an hour-and-a-half long. At the end of that time, the towel will be bone dry, the water absorbed by the ultra-low humidity of the cockpit and cabin environment. ( 기타...

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canuck44 7
Good article but should have mentioned increased risk of developing Deep Vein Thrombosis with dehydration. Reduced intravascular volume creates sludging of the blood as only the water is removed but the cellular components remain but now in a thicker "soup". DVT is common in individuals with other risk factors when combined with dehydration.

In short, to prevent DVT get up and walk every once in a while and take that water being offered even if you don't "feel thirsty".
A free second opinion. Thanks doc!
"In short, to prevent DVT get up and walk every once in a while"

Kind of reminds me of a F/A-18 and a C-130 pilots story.
Which would you rather be flying?
On my first flight to Australia, I was advised by a seasoned traveler to follow canuck 44's advice. Drink everything that they offer you on your flight. You'll feel better after that 11-13 hour flight.


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