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Blue Angels are upgrading to Super Hornets

The Blue Angels demonstration squadron are transitioning from the F/A 18 A-D Hornets to the new F/A 18 E-F Super Hornets ( 기타...

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mrvair 1
Will this be kind of like having to upgrade to a new computer operating system ?!!
To Windows 95
Can't wait to see them 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
They have been flying the Hornet since 1987, so that's 29 years...
We're they going to get them. The one here in SC are following apart from age and use.
Obama's last act at prez.......Donating a bunch of Stearmans for the Angels. Sooooo glad when that jerk is gone and god forbid if "she",??, is elected!
*"she" you mean IT. :)
LOL...sorry, I must have short circuited!!!!

Roger that and I'm out!
What do you think about the outcome of the election?
Love it and not to toot my own horn but I predicted it when he got the nomination. Had a running battle with a neighbor sporting a Hillary sign! H/she, whatever still won't talk to me! Like I care......LOL
LOL I think Trump will get our nation back on track!
What does that have to do with the Blue Angels (involuntarily) switching to the Rhino?

Former Navy, '85-'89. RTC San Diego, AA, learned on the A-7. I get why the Angels want to keep their older Hornets. Maybe if the DoD would get off its butt about certifying 3D printed replacement parts…

I fear the day (in 2075) when they have to switch to the F-35C. That turkey is a whole other disaster.
Freedom of Speech.
Nothing really! Just voicing my disapproval of the way Democrats have hamstrung our military! No worries, mate, we are on the same page!
LGM118 0
Kind of reach to do so in this context though, no?

I mean, do you incorporate that into every conversation you're a part of?
No, not really, just when I see some article that promotes or degrades our military! Just a old Guardsman crew chief hoping for someone to make this country great again. If I offend anyone, my apopoliges.


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