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UK opens corruption probe into Airbus jet sales

Britain's Serious Fraud Office has launched a formal investigation into suspected fraud, bribery and corruption ( 기타...

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when they finish this investigation - around 2050 or so - they can start on defence acquisition irregularities
Now that they are out of the EU I hope the facts and the truth will come to light. Yes, I know I'm a dreamer....
Not out yet! Let's see how that works.
This is a surprise? The Airbus affair in Canada, helped bring a government down. Bribery and corruption follows Airbus around like stink follws skunks.
Pileits 2
How about all the coverup's of very SERIOUS Airbus accidents that have cost many human lives. Because Airbus is owned by governments those very governments are quick to hide any and ALL evidence that might cost those governments money in lawsuits.
The EU is in self destruct mode as I write this. It will only be a matter of time before AB just goes away.
Gary J 1
Here we go. Boeing fanboi's come out in force. Both brands have had mishaps.
fdohmann 1
Why should we expect something different especially if Saudi Arabia is involved. As always, all parties of the Airbus Group will throw fog grenades until its out of the news. See
linbb 0
Piece of crap web site wants info or wont show anything.

Ya think this is true? If you do not please do not pass go.

Its the only way they can sell planes and keep all of those factories running in different country's in the EU.

It isn't a better company than Boeing just another brand nothing more nothing less. All of there AC have the same problems as Boeing just some on here think different look close and see. Boeing has not lost a test AC but they have, yes the 787 almost was lost. But just like being pregnant, you arnt almost you are.
I agree with you, lets have some balance around here, remember Boeing's embarrassment a few months ago?
Corruption? Well the French are part of the Airbus consortium, c'est la vie.


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