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Air NZ soars - Jetstar dives in TripAdvisor poll

Air New Zealand has been rated one of the world's top three airlines by TripAdvisor. The travel review website recently gave its users the option of rating their flight as well as accommodation. Britain's Telegraph newspaper drilled down into the numbers, ignoring the airlines that had received fewer than 400 TripAdvisor reviews to leave a total of 66 carriers. Of those 66, 16 had an average rating of 4.5 stars out of five. Dubai-based Emirates came out on top, with 67.5 per cent of… ( 기타...

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So proud of you Air NZ. By world standards you are not one of the Largest Airlines, but you sure can deliver, and keep your customers happy...WELL DONE
No surprise that Jetstar is rated among the worst airlines, they are awful. They're frequently late, they cancel flights without notice, and often treat their passengers with contempt. The only way I would ever fly with them would be if there was no other alternative. Thankfully we do have a choice at our local airport.
Air New Zealand, you make us p rt oud Kiwis
Gary J 1
Yep, not a fan of jetstar and their terrible seats
We have flown Air NZ a couple of times and they have been VERY helpful and they would be the best airline we have travelled on. We would have travelled with them many more times except our destinations didn't make it practical to go through Auckland.

As for Jetstar we have never travelled with them but we have friends who have done so.....usually just once and vowed never to do so again so on their recommendations we avoid them.
Yes New Zealanders are great at customer service, exceeding expectations
Yes, proud indeed


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