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Muslim flight attendant sues ExpressJet over suspension

A Muslim flight attendant has sued ExpressJet, accusing the airline of wrongly suspending her because she refused to serve alcohol to passengers.What is it about people who think employment duties are an a la carte menu to pick and choose their duties and the traveling public should accommodate them particularly when they knew the duties before being hired? ( More...

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Highflyer1950 27
Airline did the right thing. People tend to forget why they were hired and that they are required to perform the duties assigned with that job.
linbb 7
No different than a drug store not filling birth control prescriptions due to the persons religious views. But they got away with it this person didn't.

I agree that if you take the job you take all that goes with it good or bad if it goes against your views. Quit and move on don't expect the employer to modify his business for you.
canuck44 4
You are mostly correct. In most states a pharmacist can do that providing the patient is given an easy and accessible alternative location to fill that Rx. In practicality almost all pharmacists are now employed like this lady and follow the rules of the employer. Pretty hard to find an easy and accessible alternative at FL360 with a single FA.
jwmson 16
Fire her!
canuck44 10
i always find it interesting that the Gulf Airlines serve alcohol and probably do not have flight attendants who refuse to perform full duties. The question is what other religious accommodation is to be made...praying to Mecca on flights or refusing to work with male cabin crew or wearing a burka.

The airlines and other employers are going to have to require airtight employment contracts with duties delineated that will allow them to discharge those unwilling to carry out assigned duties for any reason related to personal beliefs.
Pileits 14
Just another complainer hoping they can be made rich for life by filing a lawsuit for one silly reason or another. It's the American way. SUE everybody for anything and every thing you might get rich.
30west 6
I guess that she was sick the day in new-hire ground school when serving beverages was covered and she had never been a passenger on an airliner before she was hired! She was shocked when she found out that the airline expected her to serve adult beverages. NOT!!!!
joel wiley 5
All it takes to file suit is the filing fee and and a word processor to fill out the forms. Do that and play legal lotto.
I wonder about the terms under which the ambulance chaser took the case
beilstwh 5
If you are unable or unwilling to do the job your were hired for you should be fired. To get a job that requires you to sell liquor and then saying your religion stops you from doing you job is wrong. You should have never applied for the job knowing you could not do the work. The airlines should sue you for the money they spent in training you.
This is ridiculous and pathetic. A person took a job, accepting the duties that came with it, and as is the common practice now, decided to sue when she suffered the consequences that came resulted by her not performing her duties on the that job for which she was being paid. This country is being flushed down the drain by the 'entitled and 'crybaby' population and those that cater to them. I am so tired of those who feel the rules should conform to them or not apply to them, and the ones that cave in and reward their pathetic behavior. When are people going to start showing some backbone and character and let those who can't abide by the rules know there are consequences for their actions?
Roy Hunte 3
True and what you say is not confined to any particular religion either, just people who, as someone else said, hopinng to strike it rich by suing, she may just strike it poorer than when she started....
jbqwik 2
it's against my religious beliefs to work on any day ending with a 'y'. think i have a case?
canuck44 0
Only if you are a declared visible and favored minority.
well i actually identify as a female black office chair muslim born into a christian white man's body
canuck44 1
That will cover pretty much all the bases.
BaronG58 1 you have identify which public restroom you will use today. :)
i actually demand new restrooms be installed everywhere as i don't identify with either restroom!
David Vega 8
Reminds me of someone not wanting to issue marriage certificates to gay couples, even when that person's job is to issue marriage certificates. Anyone who believes their job infringes on anything personal should seek another job that doesn't.
xcflyer 2
That's a bit of a stretch. The court ruling (not even a law) occurred after the clerk was hired. She never signed up for handing out marriage certificates to same sex folks. (What has happened to our society?) If she is a valuable employee then the county should reassign her, not fire her.
jbqwik 3
An employer should be fair and consistent in it's policies. Wishy-washy bending of rules invites all sort of chaos and a fall into mediocrity. While I sympathise with both sides of the argument, I do feel that if you are employed to do a job then you put personal predilection and bias aside, just do your job. If that makes you unhappy then find a job that doesn't.
xcflyer 2
Her objection was a bit stronger than predilection, it went against the very fiber of her being (and the fiber of every western culture in recorded history.) You conclusion about object rule following causing a workplace to not fall into mediocrity is not founded. Have you been to the DMV or any government agency lately? I still disagree that a Muslim refusing to serve drinks after being hired to do the same is a just parallel to county clerk hired to process county paperwork and the paperwork violates natural law.
funny thing about working for the gub'ment. laws change. and as an "officer of the law" you need to follow the current rules. if the speed limit is raised to 70, a cop can't pull you over for doing 66 (previous limit was 65) because he feels that the speed limit should be 65.
xcflyer 1
You see comrade, the funny thing about Americans is that we have the right stand up for what we believe in, Government employee or not.
sure we do, COMRADE, but just because you believe something doesn't mean the law can ignore you. you can believe in druge use, murder, or any number of crimes. but you are still subject to the laws as given. you can try and fight it either through legislative action, or through the court system.
sure we do, COMRADE, but just because you believe something doesn't mean the law can ignore you. you can believe in druge use, murder, or any number of crimes. but you are still subject to the laws as given. you can try and fight it either through legislative action, or through the court system.
Somebody is really trying to make point. So much so that a reply was posted three times(!).
yeah, not sure what happened. i reported to hopefully get 2 of them removed.
sure we do, COMRADE, but just because you believe something doesn't mean the law can ignore you. you can believe in drug use, murder, or any number of crimes. but you are still subject to the laws as given. you can try and fight it either through legislative action, or through the court system.
xcflyer 1
In our system you don't get much traction without bringing an issue into the public arena, specifically the media by a little civil disobedience. So just doing your job or complacently moving to the back of the bus and writing a stern letter to your congressman will not get anything accomplished. Ask Rosa Parks.
Civic disobedience and raising a lawsuit against an employer are two different things. My statement still stands.
Robert Frary 3
Makes me yearn for the old days again. No, not when I could carry my 2 inch Swiss army pocket knife with me without having to surrender it. No, not when I could fly domestically and get up and walk around one of those new twin aisle jetliners after being fed a meal en route instead of a 737 and peanuts, although I'm not sure how long my right to enjoy peanuts on board will last. I'm just yearning for the days when lawyers were not allowed to advertise. Our Founding Fathers got it right but we insisted that we knew better and changed the rules. Remember this next time you're too sick for work and have to watch daytime television. Consider how changing that one precept has drastically changed America.
Dr John Quinn 3
Along those lines: checking out at a Walgreens, picking up a prescription, other items, and wine. A similarly-affiliated clerk wouldn't check out the wine with the other items "because they don't go together". Needless to say, hilarity ensued as this knucklehead's manager had to put her straight. And so gingerly, it was as if she'd done nothing wrong.
"Just do the check-out, lady! I'll apply as needed!" The nerve!
Cal Keegan 3
If because of your religious beliefs you can't in good conscience serve alcohol to people, that's fine, but don't apply for jobs that require you to do that and especially don't refuse and then sue that your religious freedom has been violated. Will there be no end to this nonsense?


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