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Scathing Reports On Both The F-35 Program And The A-10 Divestment Plan

Two great reports...consistent with many of the contributions to this blog over the last two years. There is going to be some butthurt in the Air Force brass ranks. ( 기타...

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F35 is a dog = can't keep up with the SU 22
canuck44 4
Can't shoot, can't climb and can't turn. But it looks formidable.
If only looks could kill it would be in business.

As usual. egos and vested interests got in the way. The history of general officers losing contact with reality is too dismal to contemplate.

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They lie, they lie, they lie! And as the USAF many star general said to his son contemplating joining the military, "Join the AF boy, I'll put you in a nice shiny jet. If you join the Marines or Army, pretty soon we won't be able to help you"!


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