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Inside the 737 Test Plane That Boeing Beats the Bejesus Out Of

THE SIGHT OF a passenger jet performing stunts might terrify you, but it shouldn’t. The Boeing 737 MAX is the first new plane of Boeing’s second century of existence, but before it can enter service, it has to prove itself. The 737 is a Seattle stalwart—the best-selling commercial jet ever—but that doesn’t mean it can afford to skimp on evolution. ( 기타...

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I love the "Do not attempt" disclaimer overlay on the video. :)
If this plane is comfortable enough, then so be it. The traveling people only want cheap and on time flights and get to their destination in a hurry, They certainly didn't fly for the food or entertainment. I think Boeing got it right even though it's not a new spectacular aircraft, at least its new.. Just get me to where I want to go, period.
A typically misleading headline. There's only a few seconds of actual flying in this video and none of it extraordinary in any way.
Don't forget that Boeing "put off" designing and building a "New" 737 in favor or an "upgraded" one that I consider the Max to definitely be. New Engines, Winglets, etc, some new cockpit. It is NOT a "new" airplane built from the ground up. I wish this was done, but the airlines did not want to wait and Boeing got orders and requests for this instead. Sad, as they could have really done something spectacular if started from scratch.
Yazoo 2
But still the same old 1960's technology on the overhead panel!
mfbutzin 1
At least it has fresh paint!
Low level flying looks like the current fleet of DC 10 air tankers (fire fighters). The big difference is that Boeing probably doesn't want to see any liquid leaving the aircraft.
ADXbear 1
Getting tired of dealing with ads before I see videos// so I don't..
Be sure to ask about their "Double Your Free Back" Guarantee. >;^}
Not going to pay for ads.
No video again.....come on guys!
zennermd 1
Yes, yes this is how I would want my pilot to behave... ;-)
Boeing may love this re re re incarnation of 737 - but the only people who like the 37's anymore,
are airline executives who never have to endure actually flying in one. I'll take the A321's 320's & 19's over any 37 versions from the 700 - to the horrific 900 - Outside of a rare 57.. my choice for single aisle aircraft would be the ERJ-175, then A320-19's, to this day the 900's can't even fly to a preferred altitude with full PAX & fuel until it burns some off

Boeing you kept us fooled - time for a new Single Aisle Dream
I agree with you - I love the new regional jets, they've gotten quite comfortable, and with the small load, getting on an off is a breeze. I flew two different 37-8s, a 757 and a 319 in in close order over the summer, and found the 319 to be the most comfortable. Definitely preferred the older 757 to the 37-8s. Maybe it was Delta vs United and WestJet, but the 37-8 economy seating was extremely cramped, especially the United flight from LAX to OGG.
When you say the 379 has to step climb to altitude, are you inferring other ac don't..? Which aircraft..? Certainly not the comparable Airbus model..? A full 321 has enough issues to worry about without trying to get up to simply won't happen. I like knowing my ac has sufficient power if we lose an engine. I also like knowing that we won't get 2 pilots fighting over fc's in an emergency and the ac decides to split the difference.
320's remind me of a Hyundai...pretty, comfortable, nice ride...but everything rattles a bit more and you can tell the power just isn't there. I want thrust, performance, too much wing and reliability...4 things the 321 just doesn't have.
You can have your bigger lcd screen, I'll take the Boeing.
Jesus' brother.
exclamation: bejesus; exclamation: bejeezus

an exclamation traditionally attributed to the Irish, used to express surprise or for emphasis.
"they were forty minutes late, cocky as bejesus"
I saw no flying that would warrant that description, some high angle climbs, some steep-ish turns... Show me some accelerated maneuver stalls and we will talk.
"bejesus" ? Are you praying or just taking the Lord's name in vain ?
wanna bejesus


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