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Video: Singapore’s F-15s take off and land on a public road during exercise

During Exercise Torrent 2016, RSAF (Republic of Singapore Air Force) combat planes, including for the first time Singapore’s Strike Eagles, perform “alternate runway operations” using a public road. ( 기타...

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Somewhat disappointing. I see this more as a publicity stunt put in place by the Air Force for internal propaganda purposes. The only part that I see as authentic / relevant is that a section of highway was used and that the F16 and F15 pilots involved have skills. Past that, the removal of light standards, sweeping of highway, placing arrestor cables, laying of barb wire, installation of lighting, etc., etc., etc is a far cry from what would be encountered should there ever be a pressing need in a time of war. Sure.... cool stuff to watch but only shows that the Singaporean gov't is good at doing is public relations. my 2 ¢
flyerh 1
....and it's worth about 2 cents. I have driven that hiway many times on the way to Changi and knew back in the 80's why it was constructed a certain way. Just another example of the genius of "uncle Lee".
I agree with Dan.... was this really necessary?
Spectacular footage! Thanks for the share!
Easy on the afterburners and light on touchdown, as public roads generally are not built with the same reinforcements as a military runway. No Navy carrier 'crash' landings trying to catch a third wire here...
It is necessary. I am sure the RSAF has the same protocols as we do. We would do the same thing if our airbase is destroy during an attack. That is why the interstate system is made like it is. You have to have certain lengths on the interstates close to military airbases in the US in case of war.
False. Debunked here:
Well being Veteran of the military for 20 years...I can assure you it tis done, and those protocols are put into place. They are seldom , and I do mean seldom but in some exercises mainly in the West in the desert where less traffic is found, it is practiced. Not everything is published for the public, because if it was, and lets say a F-16 decided to land on I-95 because of a failure some citizens might just think it might be the beginning of a war.
At times an innovation is the brain child of “Necessity is the mother of invention “ and at other times a recall of an idea or practice follows the axiom “ An ounce of prevention is better than cure “
The captioned idea / practice / trial falls in the latter category.
Well done RSAF .
error .. error
The saying is "An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure"
Error regretted
error ... error
... "An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure " ....
Error regretted .
A humble request to FA team - please create a system to edit a post OR delete a post, like I committed an error of omission in the famous phrase 'An ounce of prevention ..... '

I do my best proof work after hitting the Print button
Hats off to U my friend Scott Aseltine.
So aptly put.
30west 0
A.K, maybe type squawk, proof read, take a break and proof read again before hitting the "post my comment" box. Works wonders most of the time. If you miss something or wish you said something differently, it happens....don't spend too much time worrying about it.
Dear friend 30west if U R from team FA , reply is a bit disappointing for being less than very intelligent one.
Edit button is very common on most blogging portals. And that is the least I expect from FA too .
And if U R not from team FA, then overlook my foregoing comment.
However, I have found a solution better than the one suggested by U.
ThanX however for applying ur mind to my predicament. And for being so appreciative.


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