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Accident: Canada B777 near Khabarovsk on Dec 29th 2016, turbulence injures pilot

An Air Canada Boeing 777-300, registration C-FIVM performing flight AC-32 from Beijing (China) to Toronto,ON (Canada) with 396 people on board, was enroute at FL310 about 415nm north of Khabarovsk (Russia) when the aircraft encountered two bouts of severe clear air turbulence ( 기타...

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Perhaps infelicitous timing for the aircrew to have unbuckled their seatbelt to move about?
mike SUT 2
great word......had to look it up :-)
mike SUT 2
incident....not accident
AVHerald's classification:

Incident marks any safety relevant event out of the ordinary during flight that causes no injuries or death to any people and causes only limited damage

Accident marks an incident, that has caused injuries or death to humans or caused significant damage.

Other classification systems may differ.
Must have been a terrifying experience. Probably worse than getting caught in a storm which one can fly around.A reminder to all, that keeping seat belts on during the flight may be uncomfortable but worth it.For a craft the size of a B777 it must have been a whopping G force. Glad it passed of as an incident.
Glad every body was ok.
Kinda one of the signatures of CAT, hard to see it comin.


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