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Obama's last airline regulation proposal: Disclose bag fees at all points of sale

In the final week of the Obama administration, the federal agency proposed one final regulation: a requirement that airlines and travel agents disclose bag fee information at all points of sale. ( 기타...

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No doubt to be reversed by Trump and the GOP
Maybe not that particular one
Transparency is good - but how about looking at the limitations on cabin baggage - 7Kg for all airlines in Australia - the bag nearly weighs nearly that - put in a toothbrush and you are overweight -if you go somewhere overnight you should be able to only need to travel with cabin baggage. 10 Kg would be a big more realistic.
Fairs Fair ????
jcsjcs 1
I love what Vaughn Jennings, a spokesman for Airlines for America, replies:

“The fact that a record number of people are flying underscores that customers are benefiting every day from affordable fares and the ability to choose among carriers, amenities and service options that best meet their needs,”

It's not even a valid reply to proposed regulation. Anyone who's interested in a positive customer experience would immediately say "great idea, easy to do". Unless of course you're trying to trick people into believing they are getting a great fare, only to later find out that the bag fees are not competitive (aka "rip off").

Well now we can blame everything on Trump - and in 2 years he'll be able to do nothing as well.
Foxtrot789 -3
If he was a real man he would have required that ALL airlines cease charging baggage fees effective immediately. They're making BILLIONS on bag fees.
The president of North Korea has the power to do that. The president of Cuba has the power to do that. The president of Venezuela has the power to do that. The president of ISIS has the power to do that.

Do you really want any U.S. president to have that much power? I know I don't!



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