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Air control tower was evacuated when UM basketball team plane wrecked

VAN BUREN TOWNSHIP, MI - The air traffic control tower at Willow Run Airport was evacuated due to high winds when a plane carrying the University of Michigan basketball team, staff and band members aborted its takeoff. ( 기타...

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Control tower evacuated due to high winds, a clue? In a good location to make it a restaurant.
lol looks like a scene from my son's xbox driving game.
Quotes say "the pilot saved our lives". From the photos it looks like the pilot wrecked the plane. Just kidding, I wasn't there.
If only we could all respond to adversity, calamity or disaster the way UM-wolverines have. This event has only served to galvanize, temper and harden their resolve going forward as they win thru to the Championship of the Big 10 automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament. "Great Job" guys. Dignity. Class.
btweston 3
"Great comment," guy.
Thank you. I'm glad to see you value and share their virtues as well...your sentiments are appreciated.


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