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San Diego’s New Service to Europe — on Edelweiss?

Recently, I received a press release email from my local airport, San Diego International. The title read: “Edelweiss to begin nonstop seasonal service between Zurich and San Diego.” You’ve got to love it when your local airport adds new service, but this time was a little different than usual. ( 기타...

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Edelweiss operates a seasonal A330-200 from ZRH to LAS for the past 2 years..........
canuck44 3
Isn't SAN a little tight for a fully loaded A0-340?
9000+ feet. BAW flies B777's and B747's into SAN.
30west 5
The runway is as you say 9,000'+ (9,400'). However, with Rwy 27 being the "normal" runway in use, the landing distance available is less than 8,000' due to the displaced threshold. Still plenty of runway. Of course, all the concrete is available for takeoff.

With that being said, I'm confident that Edelweiss flight ops knows that they can safely operate in and out of SAN, otherwise the company wouldn't proceed. Great news for San Diego!
true here.. hopefully they take some notes from BAW on this, as well as hope they don't have to take a runway 9 departure. the aircraft's performance for the rate of climb on that one would be brutal to not clip the buildings on the other side of I-5.
BAW did depart the 747 from runway 9 once... had enough headwind due to a strong enough santa ana condition. They get up pretty well if you want them to. Still not sure an A343 could depart 9 under any circumstance though.
Yea, well. The good citizens of San Diego had the opportunity in 2006 to move SAN to the former NAS Miramar. The San Diego County Proposition A proposed obtaining 3000 acres (12 km²) at MCAS Miramar to develop a commercial airport. The proposition was defeated 62 percent opposed to 38 percent in favor. The "Top Gun" moved to NAS Fallon & Miramar was transferred to the Marine Corps. Oh wel......
Condor starts 767-300 service to Frankfurt in May. Didn't think the 763 had the legs for that journey from this airport. But we'll see...
Condor has been operating that type into/out of LAS for several years already! SAN would add about another 40 minutes tops...........
Back when Zoom was still around, they did SAN-LGW with the 763 (check my pics).. not too much longer for FRA.
indy2001 1
SeatGuru shows 31 inch pitch and 17 inch seat width in Economy. That's tough to bear for the relatively short LHR-JFK flights. No way could I endure that for a 12+ hour flight.


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