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Boeing hits a Jackpot With "Triple 7"

Boeing Co. has booked four more orders for its 777 extended range aircraft from Air China, the flag carrier of China. The new order announced late Monday has a list value of $1.1 billion, although discounts are common. Air China said it will use the airplanes to expand its international routes. ( 기타...

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The triple seven is a wonderful aircraft. Boeing really got it right with this one.
I doubt we'll see any of these "new" planes in Houston
Looks like we sold out to the Reds..again.
They own some of America - land and now
our national grid with there red fleet.
Wow....Daley di go on the last trip
for the chicago based Boeing!
I do believe that this is very positive direction for the Boeing Company ! It is too bad however that our own banks continute to stalemate the U. S. Market


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