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Video of Water bomber refilling with water from the inside.

The reason that it’s so rare to see footage like this is because there are simply not many of these planes around. Only 90 CL-415s were built and they’re not used on a continuous basis. As of this writing, we’ve only seen two of these water bombers in action from this vantage point. According to the description of the video, this took place in Portugal and the crew was getting water from Rio Douro. You can actually see them pass over a dam before dipping down and getting to work. ( 기타...

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Now...I would like to see the video from a camera mounted INSIDE one of the water tanks!
That's actually what I thought this video was going to be of. Still pretty awesome though.
"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to see" G. Marx
Wouldn't think there would be much to see except for the brief time the doors were open.
"...too dark to READ" (Sorry Joel, just had to correct you!)
Oh ye of little faith. LOL....There are cameras which can record in very low light environments. Or simply use an infrared camera. Piece of cake.
That's great if the tank wall or the water is warm.
Good video
Cool stuff. Great piloting!
Interesting video. I imagine the ferry passengers were impressed.

Another possible reason for the rarity might be operator policies discouraging GoPro cameras on the flight deck.
2016 saw two stationed at South Lake Tahoe (KTVL) to good effect. Local campgrounds and boat launches displayed warnings to watch out for their operations.
"I imagine the ferry passengers were impressed."
Or scared to death :)
Years ago I was driving around on logging roads in northern Ontario in a VW beetle sunroof when I came across a large cleared area with stakes that had cans on them and a water bomber making practice runs. On their next run they spotted a great target, and this time aimed directly at me. By the time I realized what was happening I managed to get the top closed but the driver's window was still open. I was drenched but couldn't help laughing at how much fun they just had.
Your story doesn't wash- ok, rinse maybe. Thanks for sharing.
perhaps, the pilot should have dropped some flares to let the boaters know that he is coming down for a "Drink".
Sadly the fire season is off to an early start here in Portugal. At least the passengers on that river cruise ship got some unexpected entertainment! Cool Video!
So, are the pilots controlling anything to allow water into the tanks OR is that all automatic OR is there another crew member doing that?
The pilots have full control over the filling by raising and lowering 2 intake probes. The zero fuel weight is entered into the water bombing control computer before each mission,
bugs appear on the fill indicators. The pilot not flying monitors the filling and raises the probes once gross weight is achieved. As the fuel burns off the bugs go higher.
Thanks, Pete! I was wondering about how they handled the changes in weight. Very cool.
The weight is loaded right on the center of gravity . There is a sudden rise when the load is released in a salvo, less the one second but it's easily controlled by a slight forward input on the controls.
I was curious about how it worked too so here's a video about the plane that explains how it works...
Interesting that they can add chemicals en route to make a foam drop. I wonder with how many loads they can do that before running out.
Typically in Ontario we only carried enough to treat 30 loads give or take depending on the concentration. About 1/2 tanks.
Joel, according to this text, there are two tanks for the foam, total of 681 litres, enough for 20 drops.

You might also like this link:
Thank you, sir.
My pleasure!
Thanks, Mike, that helps. So, it looks like the the tanks "automatically" open up as the water pressure pushes them open.


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