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American Airlines 757 landing at Tegucigalpa

I'm sure Preacher would have liked this video, with his favorite plane performing a difficult landing. ( More...

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30west 17
Great display of airmanship! Touching down right at the displaced threshold leaving all the "Landing Distance Available" of 5400' for stopping.

Airport elevation is 3294', with a temp of 85 degrees DA is 6,000", at 80 degrees it's 5,600" resulting in higher ground speed at touchdown than at most short runways the "seven-five" routinely operates into, such as sea level airport SNA. I would suspect "Auto Brakes 4 or 5" was selected.
Terry Isom 14
I miss Preacher and his insight. God Bless Him and His Knowledge. Rest in Peace.
linbb 16
Ah yes the days bygone when he was with us on the forum I enjoyed his comments and answers when asked a question.
He will be missed by those of us people who know aircraft and his love for this particular AC.
Blue skies to you Preacher
joel wiley 6
I can almost hear Preacher say something like Kai Tak without the checkerboard and the water. I still miss him, his wisdom and humanity.
Ed Merriam 6
they shaved down some of the hill, though it's still basically "fly towards the bigger hill and turn left" (and me in a starboard seat)

they used to have to have a traffic light because truck drivers would sometimes be killed in wrecks from the backwash
sparkie624 1
WOW... Now that is crazy!
AAaviator 3
That video has been around for years, but always exciting to watch and to share with non-pilots who think our job is easy. I used to fly that trip with AA on the 757. We've switched to an A319 now so I don't go there anymore. They've excavated away much of the rising terrain before the approach end to reduce some risk, but it's still a challenge. Flying in to TGU reminded me of the military low-levels I once flew in the F4, a lot of fun.
matt jensen 3
No one crabbed better than the old Taca flights
sparkie624 5
Preacher was a good man and a personal friend.... He would have loved that video... Thanks for the memory and the posting,,, it certainly brings back fond memories.....

Preacher... Rest In Peace My Friend!
That was a good landing as he was lined up correctly; if you haven't seen it yet, check out this one,, where he didn't approach correctly, way too hot and high... he was lucky!!!
Robert Lewis 1
I bet those brakes were HOT!!
patrick baker 2
so much more pleasant to come in over the road and fences and look straight ahead at the ski lift.....
gerardo godoy 2
The Corrupt governments of Honduras don't give a dam about this dangerous airport. Many accidents have happened there. Airlines should say "forget it, we are not flying there anymore" maybe, just maybe they will build one in a safer place. That's corruption for you at its best.!!!!
HaraMaderich 2
They could be using LIR in Costa Rica. New terminal, going to double runway in 2018. Maybe they're just waiting because they hate Tegucigalpa.
James Simms 2
There was some talk abt using Soto Cano Air Base years ago but that went away. From Wikipedia:

In 1990 Honduran President Rafael Leonardo Callejas decreed that commercial cargo flights were authorized to operate from Soto Cano. In 2008 President Manuel Zelaya announced that commercial flights would begin at Palmerola within a period of 60 days, after a crash at Toncontín International Airport which resulted in 5 deaths was blamed on the runway being too short at Toncontín. Following an investigation into the incident, Pilot error was found to be the main cause. The military was placed in charge of building a civilian air terminal with funding from the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (enabled by emergency decrees). This however was cancelled after Zelaya was removed from office on June 28, 2009 in the 2009 Honduran coup d'état. The airport authority and the government of Honduras resumed airport relocation talks in April 2011 and announced that work on the new Palmerola airport would start by the fall of 2011 after years of efforts to replace Toncontín International with an airport at Palmerola in Comayagua where the Soto Cano Air Base is located. However, in a September 25, 2011 update, President Lobo stated officials were still "evaluating the pros and cons" of constructing the new airport. This comes three years after former President Manuel Zelaya had announced that all commercial flights would be transferred to Soto Cano Air Base; however, work on the new terminal at Soto Cano was then cancelled after Zelaya was removed from office on 28 June 2009 in the 2009 Honduran coup d'état. Upon realization of the Palmerola airport, commercial flights to and from Toncontín would continue to operate but would be limited to small aircraft and charter flights.
Robert Lewis 2
Back in 1996 or thereabouts I was a member of the 440th AW from Milwaukee, TDY to Howard AFB Panama. One of our C-130s was on a mission to Tegucigalpa and wasn't able to stop on the runway, slid down into the ditch at the departure end, and caught fire. 3 or 4 of our people were killed.

Another time, I was onboard as we were preparing to take off. I was back in the cargo compartment listening to the flight crew on the intercom. We couldn't use the whole runway because construction crews were working on it a little way down, but we did get permission to taxi past and use the remaining runway. The crew were busily running their takeoff figures to see if we had enough runway to do it. I remember thinking, "Guys, please don't be wrong about this".
Luis Orpinell 1
Mike Davis 0
Yes, maybe one notch above routine for the pros. I've flown a 737-800 into there on my simulator - no ILS and you must make the 180° turn at the west end of the valley to set up on the approach. Not for amateurs.
Frank Simon 0
That video has been on YouTube for several years. This is nothing new.
sparkie624 1
Very true.... But it is sure a great reminder and the love of Preacher.... I don't know if you really knew him, but he was a Great Man and a Great Pilot for Many Many Years with lots of experience. It was not posted as new material and I do not think that Flight Aware posted it in the Morning News as such... But rather a remembrance of a great and respected member of these forums. Be sure to note the text below the title: "I'm sure Preacher would have liked this video, with his favorite plane performing a difficult landing"

Myself and many others remember him well.... If you do not check out this thread: it may explain a lot about the respect that he had here and still does.

RIP Preacher my dear friend, Will certainly see you again at FL Angels Unlimted
Frank Simon 1
You are right. That is absolutely an awesome landing!


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