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Qatar Airways Boss Admits Youth is More Important than Skill and Experience for New Cabin Crew

Really? I cannot believe airline's think recruiting cabin crew like this is still remotely acceptable - and an airline that wants to so badly expand in the US and Europe. ( 기타...

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pilotjag 1
How dumber can this guy get?
he is dead right!!!! younger people work better, are eager to go the extra mile, etc
the old men and women that "work" (pretend to) on US airlines are mostly rude, lasy, noisy while in the galley at night (when passengers want to sleep) on first, business or coach.
experience???? for what??? it is proven that during a "real" emergency EVERYONE OF THEM (YOUNG OR OLD) just freeze, scream and run for their "own" lives.
and UNIONS are the responsible for that in the US.
it is almost impossible to get rid (fire) flight attendants and even cockpit crews in the "unionized" USA.
if you disagree...PROVE IT TO ME.


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