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Airlines, Airports Voice ‘Significant Concerns’ on EU Immigration Wait Times

Five industry lobby groups have written to the European Council of Ministers, calling for urgent action to address long immigration wait times caused by new European Union (EU) border control rules. ( 기타...

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truquete 12
I guess every single member of these five industry lobby groups are either Americans, green-card holders, diplomats, or have never tried entering the United States as a foreigner. EU immigration wait times pale in comparison to those of US borders.
I agree with all said so far - US is the worst to enter. The lines are long not only for visitors but at some airports for citizens as well (IAD is notorious for that). And god forbid they take you to secondary screening! You will be held for several hours without a word of explanation, and then suddenly let go with just a question or two.
tjantos 5
Couldn't agree more!!!
How many connecting flights have we missed thanks to the efficiency of the US-Immigration rituals in particular arriving at eastcoast airports. 25 windows manned by e.g five agents. We have seen people fainting because they could keep up standing anymore.
I hope they wrote a similar letter to the US's Homeland security. Never connect in US anymore especially since it can be easily done in Vancouver or Toronto. That being said, Heathrow could improve.
Having experienced secondary screening at JFK on my wife's first trip here 12 years ago... we waited 4+ hours, when I (American Citizen since birth) asked what is the reason for the delay... I was told to sit down and shut-up until they call us to the counter. That was the 1st time I was embarrassed to say I am an American. I understand they have a difficult job to do, but the "GOD" complex has to go.. FYI-The problem was that a man years back had used a passport with the same number as my wife's! So they had to obtain verification from her country that HERS was legitimate. I understand all of it except for the man with a gun at the holding room telling me to shut up and sit down. He (and anybody like him) need to be terminated.
Just back from around the world trip. Immigration times were LAX- 1 hour 45 minutes (for a two hour lay-over so not even entering the US); LHR - 90 seconds; PEX - 15 minutes; AKL - -30 seconds. Thank goodness for NZ immigration.
Go to China! Nowhere easier to enter. Most difficulties are placed at US borders....
I have already lost a flight due to long lines in SFO, did you?
Thanks AA for helping me NOT to loose the subsequent connecting flight.
Why people are so concerned about the wait times of passing through the US borders customs, The post is about European Union.
Despite the creation of Romelands security, after 911 of course wait times most have got higher and higher. There will be lines of course, that is almost everywhere with big airports, big planes with lot of passengers, but that body scanscreening and documentation checks really sucks.
K Lynn 0
Disagree. Entering UK is much worse with even longer wait times and more questioning than the US. I've seen people get sick waiting so long: usually between 2-4 hours with only 1 or 2 immigration officials with 20 lanes available!
TRUE. US lines are long but agents are friendly most of the time. In UK they are rude... sometimes brutal as I have already witnessed.
dcmeigs 2
I had the opposite experience at Heathrow and Cardiff. Super friendly agents and typical wait times.
I see I am the lone dissenter here.
I am glad it is difficult. The EU made gigantic mistakes with their policies regarding refugees.
Now, the backlash from Europeans is evident. They have had enough.
Here in the US, the security at POE's needs to be TOUGHER, not more lenient.
If travelers are complaining about missing connecting flights, here's an idea. Plan better.
Have you documents ready, Do not dilly dally. No fumbling around looking for the items one needs and should have in hand ahead of time.
As for the sit down and shut up....Darned right. ICE personnel have no sense of humor and they certainly are not going to make time to listen to people complain about procedure. So yeah. be quiet and let them do their jobs.
The fact that a passport number or whatever the case may be does not look right and generates the need for additional scrutiny is not the fault of the agent examining the documents. So hold your complaints for the people who put the policy into place. They are in Washington DC. Not the airport.
So you feel that politely asking a simple question of a government official, after waiting 4+ hours is out of line? While I agree with everything else that you stated, but you are dead wrong regarding that response. You were not there, I was. When you sit in a room for hours and watch other people come and go... yet you are still sitting there waiting with no explanation what so ever, it is not out of line to quietly walk up to the counter when there was nobody in the room but my wife and I and ask what the problem is. Not in my America... not sure about yours. And I am a very hard core conservative regarding immigration policies and enforcement.
I agree in principle. Queues at airport POE and departure security are often the result of inadequate staffing for the number of arriving / departing passengers which is a function of a country's funding for border control. In Australia the electronic "Smartgate" passport checks are often malfunctioning, leading to longer delays and frustration for the remaining officials who weren't made redundant by the "efficiencies"
I think the chaos that was caused was foreigners attackingand killing people, not the people checking the ID's and background vetting.


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