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Boeing Ponders Restart of 767-300ER Passenger Line

Boeing is nearing a decision whether to restart the 767-300ER passenger line, LNC has learned. ( More...

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LethalThreat 6
Interesting. I thought that Boeing intended the 787-8 to be the successor to the -300ER. After all, they are both identical in size, with the 787-8 being more efficient with greater range. Well, if Boeing does want to give the -300ER another go, they might want to try again with its bigger sibling, the 767-400ER also. I know that Continental and Delta were the only operators of the type, with only 38 aircraft in service between the two. However in today's market, the -400ER might be a little more appealing as well.
Joao Ponces 3
I don't know why, and I've been told by Aviation experts that is was due to the design of the wing, but the B-767 was, as a passenger, the MOST stable airplane in flight, similar to the legendary VC-10 and closely followed by the Tupolev 154! Also, the 2+3+2 configuration was the most comfortable! Recently landed in Okinawa in the middle of a Typhoon, and it was a sweet reminder of that! Plus a tribute to the wonderful JAL Pilots...
cleonpack93 3
I thought the 787 was supposed to replace the 767 and the 797 will replace the 757? What is going on?
Jerry Rader 2
If Boeing could make their customers happy by offering the B767-300ER passenger plane, they should not have any problem producing it on the KC46 tanker production line. It all depends on what the sales price difference would be between the B787 and the B767 and if Boeing could make the B767 to fly as efficient. They would probably use KC46 engines on it and of course modern instrumentation. I believe that the freighter version is still being produced.
patrick baker 2
not replace, rather augment. Different mission profiles.Seems that the 767-300 neo or not has some life left into it. If boeing tweeks it a bit so much the better, but there is still A330 neo line available to all who wish to purchase it. Freighters will sell for years.
Mike Lowe 2
Finally something that might make sense coming out of Boeing. Let’s face it, they have completely and thoroughly blown it regarding the US domestic market by designing out of the 737 the performance that made it the phenom that it was. This news, although strictly rumor and conjecture, could be a superb move on Boeing’s part. It is probably fantasy but how great would it be if they reopened manufacturing lines for stead fast performers like the 767 and the best airliner ever the 757 with new, updated technologies built into those great airframes!! Or perhaps even design a new domestic narrow body from a fresh start. Then give US Airlines a good price point to buy at, stop catering to the state run carriers and turn their attention to our home market. After all when was the last time Boeing designed, from the ground up, an airplane for US domestic use? Boeing says the C-Series is a serious threat to them but I submit Boeing did it to themselves, by not listening to what their first true customers have been asking for for many years.
aidannorman 1
I feel that if they do bring it back they should make a few small adjustments like a newer more fuel efficient engine. Maybe calling the 767-300LR or something
Makes sense. I enjoyed numerous smooth, and uneventful flights in Air Canada Boeing 767 jetliners in the 1980's. I wish Boeing would consider re-introducing the venerable and under-produced Boeing 757. Given the correct stage-lengths and seat pitch, it was, (and still is) a profit maker.
Brian James 1
The preliminary talk of the proposed 797 sounded a lot like the current 767 - if they bring the 767 back on line, I agree they should go with a LEAP engine and add some of the features from the 787. But I guess the objective is to re start production without having to do much redesign
Shenghao Han 0
Why bing back 767? Do they have a 767neo program too?
Might also have to do with availability in the 787 production line, cost and the eventual production of the 797 sometime in the future. How long does it take to get on the line? I don't know but I bet it's something like 10 years from now before we see the 797 flying revenue don't you think?

I think that it would be a good idea for them to bring back the 767 since the 747 is dying off.
mark gerrard 0
I heard it's United that want the line reinstated to replace the ones that are gettng close to retirement
mark gerrard -4
United want a cheap deal because they are a cheapskate airline so they want Boeing to restart B767 line
That was very deep. It begs the question, when you buy a seat do you go for business class or economy 'basic'? More likely your just a kid trolling...


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