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Airbus A350-1000 Features Automated Rapid-Descent Capability

Airbus has incorporated an automatic emergency descent function into the newly-certified A350-1000, which it intends to introduce into the smaller -900. ( 기타...

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jetserf 4
Regarding lower traffic, the chance of hitting someone below you would be slim. Compared with a complete hull loss it’s worth the risk. I’d be more concerned with terrain.
dmoraru 2
If your cellphone is such a distraction, turn it off!
Going the Tesla way!Great feature and if its not too difficult in retro fitting this feature into the avionics of existing aircraft it will be a buck well spent.
Gulfstream has had this for years. Works extremely well when required. Speaking of wearing a mask at altitude, where is the chart that shows O2 usage on long haul flights?
What about the traffic below.
ATC will direct them out of the way.
And even if they don't, TCAS will.
lot´s of automation........and lot´s of "decisions" taken away from pilots. That cannot lead aviation to a safer path...on the contrary.
Well, the pilots are still there aren't they? So the decisions aren't taken away from them.
Automation is supposed to make life easier (and safer) ... Like my car, already saved me a couple of times when I got distracted by the cellphone and it maintained itself between the road lines ;-)
Zany4God 1
The 777 crash @SFO had extra eyes in flight deck, yet seem to have forgotten who or what controlled the air speed. Automation?
744pnf -3
Coming closer to a pilot and a dog in the cockpit.
I think they are trying to replace the dog with a robot running a variation on the whack-a-mole algorythm.
Zany4God 1
LOL.... Frogger
Is there an acronym in place? I propose ARDEC.
On further research, I find the Army already has a lock on ARDEC.
Citation X too. 90’s technology.
i5xswipe 1
Heck even the Cirrus SR22T, has this feature. It is interaction based off course and not pressurization based.
Citation 650 also. 80’s technology.
I concur with many posts I have read here. With automated rapid descent how can a pilot know about lower level traffic?
Without further study, the only craft I know of with keel windows is the UH-1.
If accompanied by an abrupt turn to starboard that would alert ATC, who would alert other traffic; although the system does have the ATC alert, as well.
I’d like to see this on smaller pressurized aircraft, as it could have potentially saved the life of Payne Stewart other passengers and crew when they experienced hypoxia in their aircraft.
The Honeywell systems I've worked with turn left and squawk 7700. Aircraft with auto-throttle descend pretty quickly, without it can take a while as over-speed protection keeps descent rate low. This has been common on mid-range and up business jets for 10-15 years.
Thanks for the information; I wasn’t aware of the Honeywell system.
unnecessary if one pilot wears a mask at altitude. This is a solution in search of a problem.
jetserf 2
I get colds like clockwork after using the masks despite cleaning them.
The masks can get nasty.
jetserf 1
Not just the masks. The tubing probably has stuff growing in it.
Deploy the drogue 'chute and hope for a splash down.
I do not think that this remark is called for since "real lives" are in a potentially life threatening situation. Where lives are at risk this kind of remark is un-called for.
Please think before hitting the post comment tag.
If this system fails, are the pilots REALLY trained to know what to do?
The system exists for the occurrence of depressurization and incapacitated flight crew. If the flight crew has passed out then training really doesn't matter - Until they regain consciousness when the aircraft levels at a lower altitude (15,000 feet).


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