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Embraer tests the Vmu of E190-E2 (Video)

In this test, the airplane accelerates down the runway until it reaches its maximum safe AOA (Angle of Attack) before taking off. The tail of the aircraft comes into contact with the runway and, according to the manufacturer, the airspeed is measured exactly when it takes off. ( 기타...

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embraer always made us brazilians very proud....and captain Ozires Silva was a "maverick" of aviation in Brazil......a real entrepeneur and an exceptional man.]
mike SUT 1
wonder how much damage that does to the runway surface...
A couple of points: 1) the box on the bottom of the prototype is not the standard skid which will be on the production airplane; 2) Vmn does not require the tail to strike the runway; and, 3) when there is a runway strike the plane must be taken out of service and an extensive tear down results to check for internal damage.
...ok, and what are your points.....
Just a private pilot here, with a question: Why couldn't some kind of tailwheel or dolly be used instead of that obviously friction-producing skid on the tail? I can't imagine that's good for the runway, not to mention the heat generated.
It's always nice when manufacturers share these testing videos.
They could probably get more press if they did these tests an night, that would be quite the shot.
It is interesting to see the test skid set up for two different unstick angles, I haven't seen that before.


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