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Boeing tests the first 737-800BCF

The first Boeing 737-800 converted by Boeing into a cargo plane is currently conducting flight tests.On December 19, The American aircraft manufacturer shared photos of the aircraft operating in Victorville, California on its Twitter account. It is a 737-800 owned by the leasing company GECAS. ( 기타...

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dee9bee 3
Attention Rampers, don't forget the tail stand...
I loved working at the ramp with FedEx loading and off loading the 757 aircraft.
One issue with the 737 series, especially with the extended fuselage, is that fact it only has single axle mains. With the weight and cg changes you have on a freighter, a dual axle main is much safer and more stable. Think 757 main gear. Can you imagine losing your two tires on one side???
That's why I think the 757 is the best cargo aircraft for short flights instead of the 737.
Wow she looks good
I wonder how many containers this aircraft can carry? a 737-400 carries 11 top deck.
From the article :

Twelve pallets (11 standard pallets and one half pallet) represent a loading volume of 141.5 cubic meters on the main deck. This capacity will be complemented by two compartments located in the lower lobe of the aircraft, which together offer a volume of more than 43.7 cubic meters.

S Nervig 1
I think the -400SF carries 10 AAA pallets plus a half container, while the -800BCF carries 11 + half containers - so one additional.
You are correct Kalitta, Southern Air, 737-400 carry 10 full size container last spot P-11, AKE container. Not much of a difference in volume between both aircraft.


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