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World's largest amphibious aircraft takes off in China

China’s homegrown AG600, the world’s largest amphibious aircraft in production, took to the skies on Sunday for its maiden flight. The plane, codenamed “Kunlong” according to state news agency Xinhua, took off from the southern city of Zhuhai and landed after roughly an hour-long flight. ( More...

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joel wiley 3
This "Queen of the Spratly Islands" has a firefighting load of either 3,000 or 7,200 gal depending on who you ask. The lower figure is about equivalent to a C-130 MAFFS unit.
djames225 3
With all their modern technology, and those engines still put on a smoke show.
Geoff Lane 1
Now this is an aircraft.
joel wiley 1
And where she sits:


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