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JetBlue plane skids off taxiway in Boston

A JetBlue plane skidded off the taxiway at Boston's Logan Airport Monday night after reportedly hitting a patch of ice after landing. ( 기타...

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"Responding to air traffic controllers after the incident, one of the plane's pilots said, "Everything’s fine. We just skidded on the ice," according to an audio transcript.
When told that emergency personnel would be responding, the pilot said, "We just need a tow.""

i think some of the passengers might have needed medication to slow their heart rate, huh?
Or, perhaps a fresh pair of underwear upon arriving at the gate.
The U.S.Air Force always inspects their runways and makes sure they are clear of either snow or ice or debris. Remember a "RED" alert could sound at any time. A dedicated crew always makes sure that runways are clear and crash barriers in operation.
didn't know until now that jet blue partnered with Disney to make runway thrill rides. Where do I sign up?
when's the next one?
can one of you experts please tell me why Logan people were not out on runways checking for ice?--this condition didn't happen in 10 minutes-
Massport. Typical government-run entity ...
spatr 1
The runways were fine, the taxiways were awful. We landed 27 and took the same taxiway 15 hours after this incident and it was still an icy mess, as were most of the taxiways leading to our gate.
Do you think it was taxiway that he skidded off or runway?--if it was runway couldn't he have used the rest of the runway as a runout and not applied the brakes so fast like a jet-jockey does on a carrier landing?
spatr 1
Landed 27, exited taxiway E and wound up off of the left side of E at taxiway M.


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