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EVA Air Boeing 777 Followed Wrong Taxi Line Before Pole Strike

Canadian investigators have disclosed that an EVA Air Boeing 777-300ER crew followed an incorrect taxiway line before striking a pair of light poles. ( 기타...

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Clearly 1S into the deicing bay is not for wide bodied aircraft and I assume the light standard he hit was on the Captains side, however bad things can happen when you don’t pay attention.
pjdm 3
Would there be a marshaller at the deicing pad? Would lighted taxiway paths make sense if deicing implies lousy weather and multiple paths are available? There must be more to this story given all the operations that take place in Toronto.
Not a valid defense but has been brutally cold and perhaps visibility was not the greatest either
30west 1
You're corrrect Hari. It's not a valid defense, but an excuse.


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