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Why no one has died in a commercial passenger jet crash in more than a year

Not a single person perished in a commercial passenger jet crash in 2017, making the year an extraordinarily safe one for flying. New reports from two separate organizations in the Netherlands summarize just how incredibly safe it was to take to the skies commercially, and aviation experts say that the recent streak is simply a part of trend going back years (so feel free to ignore that tweet from the President claiming it’s his doing.) ( More...

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bbabis 4
Enjoy it while it lasts and never put your guard down. After all. humans are involved.
Preflight announcement on local airliner; This plane is being operated by the latest technology. Absolutely nothing can go wrong-go wrong-go wrong......
Tom Bruce 4
looks good...until the inevitable happens... can have 2-3 years of no deaths...and hen get 2-3 crashes
Tom Bruce 4
he better...when the next crash happens he'll get blamed for it
joel wiley 4
It it's reported on CNN, he'll declare it fake news or blame crooked hillary
Cris Atkin -2
If it's reported on CNN, it IS fake news. As for Crooked Hillary, she has caused a few plane crashes herself...
joel wiley 4
I looked at the NTSB incident website but didn't find any that listed Ms. Clinton as a factor.

Perhaps you have more information and can post a link to the investigations to which you refer?
Your assertion "If it's reported on CNN, it IS fake news" is, in itself, fake news.
Cris Atkin -2
An opinion. Don't go overboard.
btweston 2
That’s a pretty warped opinion, in my opinion.
Tom Bruce 2
oh we go...
Cris Atkin 0
Nope, not touching it.
Jeff Griffin 1
Really? I just took a glance at Says Alex Trebek is taking medical leave of absence. That's true because I saw his personal video stating that fact this morning. Also, the feds are actively investigating the Clinton foundation. Fox confirms this. I could go on, but really only takes one example to disprove a false statement.
Tom Bruce 1
oh yeah
btweston 1
Don’t be a child.
I do believe the safety issues with regard to aircraft,piloting weather and the mechanisms of various aircraft,have led to more aware group of people in the aviation industry,from the faa to atc to the non commercial pilot..politics aside,we all understand mr trumps expanded ego on the subject of aviation safety is irrelevant...
Jamar Jackson 3
Trump takes credit for everything and tweets about it.
Cris Atkin 5
Don't see why not, as he also gets blamed for everything. If a nut falls off a seat rail, it's Trump's fault. Hive him credit where it is due, and ignore the rest.
btweston 2
He takes credit for everything good and refuses to be accountable for anything bad. That is the point.

Also, bear in mind that he does not know anything. And I mean anything. He tells us so with his Twitter machine.
Sounds to me like you're talking about Obama, except for Twitter. Obama, a man who found out about major events the same time the American people did and by reading it in a newspaper. He must think people are really stupid to believe that.
Dont smoke your cigars yet as we still don't understand why a perfectly good 777 can just disappear into thin air. Nor have the russians fired more missiles at airliners...
knock on wood!
greg motley 2
Everyone knows it will happen sometime and those stats will hurt but Today’s Pilots take great Pride in their Jobs and use their checklist, equipment, and CRM to take us off and them and land us and them safely back on the ground! Amazing we forget a couple of Bike shop owners got us in the air at all!
Jeff Griffin 1
Being honest, too lazy to Google. Aren't non-commercial deaths up? Sharply?
alan curtis 1
I taught my kids that you have to pay attention to all the adjectives in such a statement. The more qualifiers, the less "profound" the statement...

Died -vs- Severely Injured
Commercial -vs- All
Passenger -vs- Cargo (or All)
Jet -vs- Prop, Turboprop....
Crash -vs- any other mishap.

Well you get the point... to get to their statistic you obviously needed ALL those words.
btweston 1
I am still convinced that this record year in safelty is because Donald Trump sprinkles orange fairy dust on all of the planes at three in the morning before his daily tweetfart.
Thomas Clark 1
One thing for sure is, it's not because of anything Donald Trump did or did not do!!!!!
And that's for sure!!!
jcsjcs -5
Well, he could have ordered to shoot-down of a couple of passenger jets. Since he didn't, it's his accomplishment.
Tim Dyck 1
We had a young man die after a commercial aircraft crashed last month. But it was a turboprop and he died in hospital not in the aircraft so he doesn't count. I wonder how many other deaths were ignored to get this "feel good" statistic?
Bill Palmer 0
Thank you, President Postliterate Bestwords.
joel wiley 1
Air Canada 781 finally went around after almost landing on an occupied taziway. Near misses don't count in fatality stats.
Emirates has had two "close encounters" with terrain in the past few months. Both A388 one in NY and one in Moscow.
An area for concern I believe
Chris Smith 0
Becausr Trump stopped all crashes..
So I will not fly this year because it WILL happen soon!
greg motley -5
I agree to disagree! Tighter regulations on “who” gets in our country is definitely Trumps doing.
Second, we have The Best Aviators in the World with better and better equipment!
Also, the FAA does a great job in making us pilots do it “Wright” as was intended by the brothers!
21voyageur 6
Myopic view or what? Best aviators in the world? Evidence please. Best technology in the world? Evidence please? Open your eyes sir/madam. The world is a big and marvellous place with plenty of "best aviators" and plenty of "best technology".
jcsjcs 4
You do realize that these statistics comprise commercial flights WORLDWIDE. The usa are only a small part of that.

I'm sure you'll also realize that determining "who gets in [your] country" will not improve the mechanical safety of the airplanes being used, no matter how well the FAA is doing their job. I think planes being brought down by passengers are very rare.

btweston 2
You are a silly person.
Ruger9X19 0
I believe the GFC700 with hypoxia aware/emergency descent (the display inquires if you are alert after a period of inactivity if no response should perform emergency descent to a safe altitude automatically) standard equipment on the SR22T after 2013 model years. Whatever happend to make him unresponsive (hypoxia, sudden medical event) shouldn't the automated emergecy descent mode been activated? The flightaware info for N325JK shows the aircraft held 19000ft perfectly even as airspeed appears to have degraded over time so I am making the admittedly large assumption that the autopilot was activated on the flight. Is there a techinical reason the autopilot logic may not perform the descent?
Ruger9X19 0
Do ignore this. I posted to the wrong window. Quite embarrassing. Wish FA would let you delete/ edit responses.
joel wiley 1
Been there, done that, someone stole the t-shirt.


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