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Airbus Is in Talks With British Airways on More A380s

Airbus SE is in talks to sell new A380 superjumbo planes to British Airways this year after securing a program-saving deal from Persian Gulf operator Emirates, according to people familiar with the matter. ( 기타...

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Fred J. 3
Having flown half a dozen times on the whale, couple of times on the Dreamliner, a dozen or more times on the 747 (200/300/400) and dozens and dozens on the triple-7, I have no doubt that the A-380 is by far the most comfortable ride all in all. I haven't had the experience of flying the A-350, though, and people say she is good too.

I'm happy that Emirates did what they did. And I hope the 747-8 stays the course too! Both are awesome machines.
To Ric:
Having flown multiple long haul flights from NZ to Europe on A380, A340, B747, B777 and B787, my experience is that even the A340 is far superior in comfort and inside noise level to the B777 and B787. The B747 was very comfortable (but no entertainement). I suggest your relative fly back in a 787 or 777 and then ask her again about the comfort. Her 'bad' experience seems to be 100% focused on issues with LHR rather than the plane.
I disagree strongly and so does everyone else I know that flies long distance regularly

380 far more comfortable in any class than any Boeing product
"according to people familiar with the matter" - that's pretty close to political spin speak otherwise known as BS
The whole world loves a double decker bus, but not even the Brits like a double decker airplane. I picked up a relative last night off her first intercontinental trip, a 380 from LHR. She said never again. Too many people, too long to board, too long in customs, slow service, and grouchy seatmates.

No wonder Singapore turned them in at lease end.
So you base your opinion on the this aircraft on fact the your friend was surprised about the distance between her home and her destination, the long lines for customs clearance, and the fact that a few passengers were grumpy?

Maybe your friend needs to learn more about longhaul flight and perhaps you should try the product before you critize it. The A380 is a wonderful plane. Having crossed the Atlantic with BA more than a dozen times onboard the superjumbo as well as having tried all the competition I can safely say that it doesn't get better.
Those that fly long haul routes will need to get use to 400 plus seat aircraft. The A380 seats over 400 Boeing's new 777X will seat up to 450 in 2 or 3 class configuration and with the folding wing will be able to get into airports the A380 cannot. The 787-10 and the A350 will also seat over close too 300 people and fly for almost 19 hours.
What are you smoking? The A380's 3 class capacity is 555. What makes you think a far smaller and lighter plane like the 777x can hold the same or more?
But the 777x may be enough, and the smaller gate requirement may be useful.
Air France already crams in 462 seats in high density B773s for leisure markets, in a "sort of" 3 class configuration, (Business / Premium Economy / Economy). A painful experience.
My wife and I have flown the 380 twice. It's a VERY comfortable and quite plane. Airbus seems to make a more comfortable aircraft all around.....same on the 321, 330 and 340 which we have also flown on. The 319 was a bit different but still a good flying craft. When you fly with almost 500 passengers it's going to be zoo to board and deplane. You just have to sit till it's your turn. The same on the 321 we just took to Atlanta. If you don't want to wait sit in 1st class or business or get a seat up front.
Being a regular commuter between lhr-jfk I hope this is not BS .
Having to put up with knackered 30 yr old plus 747-400 is no joke anymore If the webbing in seats is not broken or knackered you are lucky and the toilets seats usually have lovely grey duct tapekeeping them together .the plastic overheads are usually a lovely shade of yellow .I know these great old planes owe BA NOTHING, but come on ,BA were the kings of transatlantic service and quality .despite numerous letters without reply I hope one day soon I can be proud of the Airline again
We learned never never to fly BA. Rude airline, especially the captain that hit every bump between PHX and London. Never changed altitude, just kept going. When we got into the bus to take us back to the terminal, the captain got on and my wife give him a look that sent him off the bus!
100% agree with you Peer


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