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Kenneth Copeland Ministries Takes Possession of Gulfstream V

"Glory to God! Kenneth Copelandd Ministries took possession of the debt-free Gulfstream V on Friday, Jan. 12, 2018. " ( 기타...

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Kenneth better keep working. Creflo has a G650 if I'm not mistaken. Life is good as a TV Evangelist. Believe in the bible or not, I don't seem to remember anywhere in the Bible descriptions of Jesus riding around in golden chariots adorned with the trappings of wealth.

"When does the Son of God Gulfstream arrive today?" "He's delayed for about 30 minutes. His Steak and Lobster catering was late." I don't think so!!!!
Fly commercial, even in first class, and use the money saved from the jet purchase to feed the hungry, build water wells and homes, and really do Gods work. If you need a private jet, rent one for the event. I'd really like a forensic accountant to go over this organizations books. This is a not-for-profit for heavens sake.
If he were to fly commercial, it would give him better and more opportunities to witness to those who are not saved.. The Jet isolates him from the public... Not good.
Actually, that is the one good thing. These presumptuous cretins that think other people need to be "saved" should be kept far away from society.
I was simply pointing out that someone who is supposed to witness to the lost (as he sees them) should find himself among them to allow them to follow, not to ride in luxury only to give a speech to others later, only in hopes of getting them to donate more money to him...
I don't believe God had anything to do with it; more likely Greed.
and still some people "still" believe on those "clowns"!!!!! amazing!!!!!
So if there is any truth to the term "God is my co-pilot", I take it ILS or RNAV approaches will not be required?
When Oral Roberts died here in Tulsa in 2009, you would have thought it was the Super Bowl with all the private jet traffic. I follow N91KH another local ministry 1990 Challenger, it makes the rounds, today it is enroute to save the Heathens at SW Florida Beaches airport :>
They must have bought it with full GPS. G ranted P ermission by Satan
He might as well have a Biz Jet
FL 450 Is as close to GOD as he is going to get
chalet 1
I feel sick in my stomach. In is incredible the numbers of (suckers) people who send lots of money for this religion mercenaries.
Debt Free.... Anyone who has owned a plane knows it is never debt free.... You may not owe money to the bank... But you certainly have to pay a lot to keep it airworthy and in the air...
All blessings don’t come from God.
Most televangelists' "blessings" come from their gullible followers in the form of monetary contributions.
Praise Jesus.
I don't think Jesus had anything to do with it.


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