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Russian news reports say a passenger airliner has crashed near Moscow

Saratov Airlines flight #6W703 from Moscow to Orsk is missing according to reports in media. According to reports there were 71 passengers and crew on board flight. The speed and altitude graph for flight #6W703 show a descent from 6200 feet to 3200 feet during the last minute before the ADS-B signal was lost about 20 km south-east of Domodedovo Airport. #6W703 ( 기타...

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canuck44 5
Here is more complete report.
that article was heartwrenching because of the many photos of the victims and crew..they were all so young as doesn't matter where you live,you are still someones daughter,someones wife,someones child,brother or sister..may they rest in peace..there was also a helicopter crash in grand canyon yesterday,but three did survive, although they are in critical condition..that too was really sad as it was a recently married couple and some family members...
Wonder if de-icing played a role or whether anti-ice was turned on.
It certainly sounds like it. This article says they're suspecting iced over pitot tubes.
Thanks for posting that..sounds like captain made the wrong decision by not getting de-iced and not flipping on anti-ice.
Thank you for posting this information. I had not seen anything since the day of the crash. It looks like pilot error in that the heaters for the speed pilot tubes was turned off. Earlier reports sounded like perhaps a bomb.
FlightAware member "darkwolf13" posted a picture of a Saratov AN-148 recently, but it is unclear if this is the accident aircraft since the registration is obscured in his photo. Saratov operated five aircraft of the type that it had leased from Rossiya Airlines.
rugomol 1
Saratov Airlines flight 6W703 / SOV703

rugomol 2
MH370 -1
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First VIDEO from Russian plane crash site emerges online

The Antonov An-148 jet carrying 65 passengers and six crew members reportedly crashed in the countryside near the Russian capital on Sunday.
surely they de iced considering snowy and blizzard like conditions which are persistent in Russia winters..the aircraft crashed very shortly after takeoff per the video and the sad for the families of those on board
bettiem 0
As commented by Colin Fisher below, iced pitot tubes? Technology advancement being what it is, it is frustrating and potentially deadly that some alternative method has not been invented to provide the same flow data. It was cool when it was invented and ingenious to adapt it to aircraft when they were invented, - but to stick it on modern aircraft in the 21st century. Geez! In general, everyone's cleverer than I am, so what am I not understanding?


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