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American Airlines retrofitting planes for larger seats, more revenue

American Airlines is retrofitting its planes, adding main cabin seats that are wider and can command higher fares. The makeovers are part of Fort Worth-based American’s (Nasdaq: AAL) plan to boost revenue by giving passengers more seating options. ( More...

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Larry Horton 2
Would gladly pay a little more for the new seats particularly on long haul like US to Europe or Asia. Flew premium economy from Frankfurt to Liberty and arrived rested and less stressed, until I had to deal with TSA checkpoint at Liberty that is.
linbb 2
Also cuts down on available seating which means they HAVE to charge more. Seems you left that little tidbit out............................?
Cansojr -1
And linbb you have used up your 15 minutes of fame. Your $15.00 hamburger is getting cold.
30west 0
Agree, It's RASM (Revenue Available Seat Miles) less CASM (Cost Available Seat Miles). As the available seat miles decrease, either revenue needs to increase or costs decrease. I don't see any decreases in costs coming any time soon.
TWA55 1
Maybe the younger folks in the audience and those working for the airlines should watch some videos showing the way it use to be in the long lost days of class airline travel. Say, the 337 Stratocruiser. Airlines should maybe worry less about all the fine looking paint jobs for example and silly fluff and try and remember who feeds them.
Imagine an airline that catered to a crowed who has the money to pay a little more for comfort. Imaging an airline who does not have f/a's roaming the isle with a credit card machine trying to sell you something that frankly use to come with the ticket. Imagine an airline who does not cater to the shall we say 3rd class passenger who shows up in pajamas and slippers. Just imagine, I must be dreaming..
mdburd 1
There are a few carriers who do it like it was...
I'm flying Air France La Premiere in May--A380 heading east and 777-300 coming back; that, and their excellent lounge in CDG is real travel.

It just costs more than most people are willing to pay.
Randy Shereda 1
Yup, you're dreaming TWA55. Sorry you are offended about the attire that some folks wear, but If I am going to be crammed into tube for 3+ hours in a generally uncomfortable seat, I'm going to dress to MY comfort level .. maybe not pajamas and slippers, but I will be in slightly baggy pants or shorts, sandals (weather permitting) and a loose fitting polo shirt. Oh, and I dress the same way, no matter which end of the plane I am seated in. I am paying for TRANSPORTATION, not the "experience" of flying, the way they did in 50 or 60 years ago. YMMV
Just goes to say "You don't get something for "nothing"
I think this trend is because people are fatter. Check out wheel chairs in hospitals lately. Larger seats in movie theaters. Mmmmmmm! Just a thought.
Knikwind 1
I am fatter and I suffer in "standard" size seats, can't lower tray table, etc. But just as bad is anyone so unlucky as to get a seat next to mine. God forbid I'm in a middle seat! Now we have 2 or 3 people miserable. Since there are indeed more fat people now, for everyone's comfort, the seats do need to go back to previous tight configurations at least.
Randy Shereda 1
"Main cabin extra seats cost about $20 more and up to reserve." I think that the key word in that sentence is "UP" ... its going to take a Lot more, to replace the revenue that is lost by losing 16 seats.
Knikwind 1
Say the cross-country fare for each of 40 seats is $400. That totals $16,000 revenue. To get the same revenue from 24 seats would be $666.66 per seat. Yes rather more than $20... Or let's say $100 a seat for a short hop. That totals $4000 revenue for 40 seats. For 24 seats it would have to be $166.66 per seat... Makes me wonder where that $20 even came from! Then there's the cost of reconfiguration. Will airlines what to recover that cost too?
Highflyer1950 1
Personally, I’d like to see prices go up dramatically that way you may weed out most of the idiots causing issues today.
Randy Shereda 1
Highflyer - ever notice that the ones causing issues are usually in the premium seats who drunk, think that they are special or the rules just don't apply to them?
darjr26 1
This guy doesn’t seem to know the difference between Main Cabin Extra and Premium Economy seats.
mdburd 1
You're exactly right.
These Premium Economy seats are going to be on the 772's and other widebodies. Meaning, unless you're on one of the few hub to hub domestic flights that reposition the big birds, these won't be your seats.

Regular domestic is still: First, MCE and Eco for the most part.
International will be: (777-3 only) First, Business, Prem. Eco, MCE and Eco
Rest of Intl fleet: Business, Prem. Eco, MCE and Eco.
Cansojr -1
I sure would vote for you! GOOD POINT!


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