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Passengers pack for tomorrow's first non-stop Aus to UK flight

Passengers are packing their suitcases to board the first ever non-stop commercial flight from Australia to Europe. The Perth to London journey will take about 17 hours with Qantas and leaves tomorrow. It will take off at 6.50pm and arrive at London’s Heathrow at 5.10am local time on Sunday. The 236 passengers aboard the 787-9 Dreamliner have paid about $2270 for an economy seat on the flight, which eliminates a stop in Asia and cuts hours off a typical Perth to London journey. The route was… ( 기타...

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All eye's and many ATC airports will keep a close eye on this flight it originally was meant to stop in rome for refuel but Qantas thinks it has enough to make it to EGLL Heathrow. Boeing is very concerned about these long haul non stop flights saying the cargo and load including it's passengers has to be very balanced to make the flight. This will take out the record of the Jumbo Jet where PAN AM still hold's the record in history books for doing the non stop flight around the world using a boeing 747-100
A correction to your comment that was a Pan Am 747Sp-21 Named Clipper Liberty Bell that broke the record not a Pan Am 747-100. The flight left JFK on May 1st 1976 and arrived back two days later on May 3rd 1976 after only stopping in New Delhi and Toyko for refueling.
I stand to correct you PAN AM also used a 747-100 called clipper Yankee then it was named Clipper Victor before it was written off 1977 at Tenerife this aircraft also made the non stop flight around the world only stopping at Tokyo there were two flights made by PAN AM or Pan American world airways formerly known as. Read up upir history.

As for QF 9 I really hope the make the big leap mind you the cargo load would have to be light to do this. air new zealand already tested this route using a b789 ZK-NZC a while ago it made the journeu well but was not recorded as a normal flight. It flew with just the crew and 20 Kiwi's on board from YPPH-EGLL in 2017
I stand corrected. I only knew of the Pan Am 747sp and when I researched it that’s all I came up with. At least I can look it up as you gave me the ship. Some. Thanks so much
The flight is enroute here’s the link to FlightAware tracking

View QFA9 on the FlightAware website -
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