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Engine troubles force Air NZ B787 to make refueling stops

Air New Zealand’s services to the United States and Japan have been affected by issues with some of its Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines on its Boeing 787-9s. ( 기타...

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I flew on anz b789 from NZAA to WSSS we diverted to YMML to stop to refuel then onto Singapore why this these 787-919's can make that hop without refueling very easy
It depends on the fuel tanks they have as well but these aircraft are capable of flying non stop to asian destinations. Yesterday NZ289 bound for shanghai diverted to BNE/YBBN to refuel ZK-NZE Ithink it's to do with the saftey of the aircraft as the engines have being recalled. A b773 leased from another carrier is on the way to NZ to replace two 789's that have gone to WSSS for testing. British airways will charter one of there B744's to NZ to use on the trans tasman and asian flights by Friday. It will remain in the BA decals.


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