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Inside the $100,000 private flight home for Irgo, the German Shepherd United accidentally sent to Japan (and he even got to eat in the cockpit)

The German Shepherd which was mistakenly flown to Japan by United Airlines was returned to its family in a luxury business jet where he received the royal treatment. Pictures shared exclusively with DailyMailTV show 10-year-old Irgo on his 6,000-mile journey home where he experienced a pampered trip most people can only dream of. ( 기타...

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Hmm - she wants to sue to stop it happening again?

If she really meant that, she'd donate all the proceeds to (a preferably doggy) charity.

I suspect there may be some personal gain, though.

I bet the dog had a whale of a time!
One lucky dog.
How do you mistake an elderly GSD for a Great Dane? Praise to the airline for their attempts to redeem the c**k-up.


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