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Qantas drops Boeing 747s from LAX, trims Dallas A380 flights

A redraw of Qantas' international network sees the ageing Boeing 747 move closer to retirement with all jumbo jets pulled from flights to Los Angeles as of December 2018, in favour of the Airbus A380 superjumbo and Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. From 4 December, Tuesday's Sydney-Los Angeles Boeing 747 service (QF11/QF12) will be replaced by an Airbus A380, which will complete the roster of daily superjumbos to Los Angeles from both Sydney and Melbourne The seasonal twice-weekly Sydney-Los… ( 기타...

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Sadly, It appears the 747 is reaching end of life as a series. It has been and always will be my favorite Boeing plane, ever since the 1st one did Practice landings and take offs at Spokane's International Airport.

Yes, I know that its going to be in the sky in one form or another for many years to come, but the -8 orders are waning and I see more airlines going to other least costly aircraft.
I mourn the demise of the 747. It is an aviation icon. It changed the world of travel and the airframe itself is a work of art and thing of immense beauty. I shall always love the 747. However, time marches on. The 747 is not particularly fuel efficient in comparison with modern long distance aircraft. It is also much louder from the perspective of being a passenger. Especially on long haul flights such as Qantas flies, the lower levels of noise make a huge difference.
Looking forward to my Antarctic sightseeing flight in November aboard a chartered Qantas 744.
Qantas no that they have to retire the aging 747 fleet very soon sad but the 747 leave a remarkable record in history of being the real queen of the skies.


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