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Two ex-SIA A380 to be dismantled for spare parts market

Dortmund - The leasing company Dr. Peters Group has decided to dismantle the first two Airbus A380 returned by Singapore Airlines at the end of their contract terms because they have not found customers. ( 기타...

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Airbus should never have marketed the A380. They have sold less than the required amount of planes to reach the break even point. With some fancy book keeping, spreading the losses of the A380 program across the rest of the product lines, Airbus has show a false break even number to investors.

The CEO of Airbus wanted something to not only compete with the Boeing 747 but surpass it. One wonders given the lack of interest in this plane if Airbus didn't just miss read the market but built this plane just to say they are better then Boeing.
Somebody will make more money tearing these clunkers apart than Airbus ever did putting them together. Just sayin.
Question. What is the 'economics' of the A380 that never worked? High purchase price?...low revenue per seat?...cost of operation?...not enough passengers/flight to break even? Unpopularity with customers? Thanks.
You can call the A380 AN EGO THING ON THE PART OF THE AIRBUS CEO who ordered the development and then the building . It was and is was an ego trip to build something bigger than the 747. The only operator with any success is Emirates a state supported airline which has the long haul routes to support the p;lane. They also have almost as many Boeing 777-200, 300 and 300ER and Boeing 787 then they do A380. They also have on order 150 Boeing 777x on order delivery of which just happens to coincide with the retirement of the first delivered A380. Once the 777X is launch it will be a two engine fuel efficient plane carrying close to the way their A380 are configured. It will also have greater range.
Thank you!
exnonrev 4
Good riddance to L'Edsel! That overgrown monument to EU government largesse and the collective egos of Tim Clark and John Leahy should have been killed off years ago.
SFOBro 4
Such a short life. I still remember being so excited to see the first one. That really seems like just yesterday. She is a beast, that's for sure. I'm a Boeing guy all the way, but she will be missed.
The A380, like the Concorde before it, is a white elephant built for European pride. The numbers never crunched.
Leon Kay 2
It is a pity to see this great aircraft being phased out. I remember well when this aircraft took to the skies and was able to fly on one of its first flights.
I have recently flown on an Air Singapore A350 and must admit that it is a great aircraft and worthy substitute for the A380.
Are they expecting to get $45 million total for parting the two out or $45 million each?
This seems odd to me. 747-400 are selling for 50 million each, then undergoing level D check and retrofitted for cargo at 30 million. So for 87 million, you have a good cargo plane - even with higher fuel prices. Scrapping 2 A-380s for parts to get 45 million seems odd. (Of course, if A-380s cannot be used for cargo - never mind).


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