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Man crosses tarmac at ATL in underwear and attempts to board Delta flight

Here is a link to the ATC recording surrounding this event as well - comical to listen to.;topic=14686.0;attach=10010 ( 기타...

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Rob Palmer 15
And when the guy climbed on the wing and looked in one of the windows, he was amazed to see the face of William Shatner peering back.
n9341c 3

I wonder how many people know what you are referring to?
"The Twilight Zone" the 60s series, hosted by an intimidating Rod Serling. This episode had William Shatner freaking out during a plane trip because there is "something" on the wing.
AWESOME!!! Little Gremlin with a hammer working on the engines....:-)) Not many people remember that one!
Didn’t have much time to dress after security least has he his passport?
Looks like he was in the middle of a TSA search and hurried off to catch his flight. Seriously folks, why do we TSA everyone THEN leafr a big hole in the fence?
Trevor Phillips
He was just letting the crew know that their gate had changed in NORDO conditions.
Must have been a "brief" flight.
Delivering mail? Delivering male, more like!
Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds
What the HELL is the tarmac?????? When will the use of this term end? Tarmac is a paving process, not an area of an airport..
Tarmac is also a type of paving material. So technically, you can be on the tarmac at an airport.

What about the use of "Ramp". I though the only recognized areas were Runways, Taxiways, and Aprons.
"Ramp" is what we still use in the US. You can say "apron" in ICAO-ian if you wish, and I'm sure ATC will understand, but we'll still giggle a bit.
Actually these airports have a movement area consisting of the taxiways and runways where ATC positive control is required and you have to be authorized to be there by job function if you’re not an aircraft.
Second, there is the “non-movement” area (silly name) which comprises the ramp or apron and aircraft gates or stands. That area is usually controlled by separate ramp control not the FAA.
I can assure everyone here that neither of these areas are “tarmac”! They are either concrete or asphalt.
As a former airline pilot and airside operations coordinator, it’s nice to educate some folks.....
So true. News organizations are just like many. You repeat what you hear without knowing whether what you are repeating is correct or not. You just heard something from a "reliable" source and away you go. Witness the present situation in our country.
Yeah, but not at an airport serving big iron. Pave the gate areas in tarmac and those planes will just sink in on a hot day. Take a look, they're paved in concrete. I'm convinced that the newsies use the term trying to sound like they know what they're talking about (and failing miserably as usual).
Feel your pain - but I think this is becoming a lost cause. Like brand names and trade marks become generic: Jet Ski, Post-It Note, Bubble Wrap, Crock-Pot, Zamboni.....
What kind of Coke do you drink?...DUH!!!!
Paul PArish, if you mind just a little help for those who are not aeronautic specialists:
- Tarmac is the contraction of (tar and macadam) used since years for parking aeras and in other terms. as parking, ramp, aprk areas.They do not concern the runways and taxiways (RWY and TWY) which are used only to join the holding point just before lining up on the runways for take off.(or vacated the rwy after landing)
Sometimes some terms are more used according to certain countries (like ramp or pool) sometime even military terms.
I hope it would help your understanding.
Serge LOTH
Air Traffic Controller Spvsr
An investigation is underwear, I mean UNDERWAY!
He was delivering mail.
This is what happens when you play too much PUBG. Hahaha
A fine example of post 9/11 security....NOT


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