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Piedmont Airlines Retires Dash-8

Piedmont Airlines is retiring its de Havilland Canada Dash 8 fleet after 33 years of flying. On July 4, Flight 4927 will depart from Charlotte Douglas International Airport at 6:33 p.m. and touch down at sunset at Salisbury Wicomico Ocean City Regional Airport, completing the Dash’s final revenue flight. ( 기타...

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Gonna miss that old pain shaker. It was fun to watch flying over our house back and forth from KSBY to KCLT. It was not much fun riding in it.
glang3 3
I always thought the Dash-7 was a cool airplane too.
Much preferred the -7
Each has it's advantage... The -7 was much harder to work on... especially rigging the Throttle Switches... And with 4 engines meant double the work and was also less power than the Dash 8. Both from a passenger point of view are a good ride!
I always love the bass hum of those tp's
Never had the opportunity to fly in one, but it’s always sad to see an airplane retired
I have many years of working on those old birds... Sorry to see them go... they were real work horses and can operate out of airports that the jets cannot even think about... It will be very hard to find a plane that can complete with it on short fields and small communities.
flew a bunch of Dash 8's from HPN to PHL and DCA over the years. Many a flight only me and my family aboard. Loved watching the hydraulics and engines. Never had a problem.


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