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The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER 9M-MRO disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8 2014 carrying 239 passengers and crew in what is one of aviation’s greatest mysteries. A search of 120,000 square kilometres in the Indian Ocean conducted by the Australian, Chinese and Malaysian governments ended in January 2017 without the aircraft being found. Meanwhile, investigators from Malaysia and seven other countries analysed flight data, air traffic control procedures,… ( 기타...

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Honestly in my own opinion I don't trust the Malaysian Government or the Malaysian airlines Management at all. I feel they don't want to no where it is even i bet they do. I feel these searches did fon something but have being hushed up. Also the cargo carried on board is under suspicion. Yet a find on the island of Madagascar is under the microscope. Also the captains log books found at his home has the real truth about any of his paperwork disappeared without a trace and only certain material being made public?. by now parts of this aircraft would have surfaced. Yet any find the Malaysian government would quickly denied that it exists to hide it and the person who made the fine would disappear. Like the guy who worked on Madagascar island in hunt for the wreckage was killed after he came across some vital evidence. It's cold blooded murder in reality
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And so what do you think it was abducted and is now in outer space, sitting on a secret runway in the jungle? Since you seem to know so much about things why have you not gone out and found it yet?

Real easy its one thing to shoot off your mouth but another to prove it. Go chase chemtrails.


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