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Delta Goes Against Trend, Continues Seatback Entertainment Push

The future of inflight entertainment (IFE) — or more specifically, the hardware that comes with it — has become increasingly uncertain in recent years. As many airlines around the world — ranging from low-cost carriers to full-service behemoths — get rid of seat back televisions in favor of allowing passengers to stream entertainment on their own devices, the trend has continued to spread. ( 기타...

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I guess it will be Delta or JetBlue for me from now on...
Delta's approach is much appreciated by this frequent traveler. being able to multi-task during a flight is important to me, as is the comfort of not having to hold a device for hours on end. In the end,, weight and maintenance savings will likely outweigh Delta's desire to meet customer demand.
I despise seatback entertainment. It causes annoying distractions from all over, and you typically can't turn it off. Oh, sure, turn it off, and it comes back on for advertisements and safety drills. I keep forgetting to bring something to black out the monitor when I fly on such a plane.

Also, sometimes the seat in front is too close for comfortable viewing.

My tone would be different if there were an option to see outside the cockpit or even a view of the cockpit.

I always try to get a window seat. The best entertainment is what is out the window. I don't understand people who choose a window seat and then pull the shade down. If I can't see out any windows, I'll fire up my iPhone and watch the gryroscope graphs on an app I use that logs all the sensor data, particularly if the pilot is making a lot of turns. This helps stave off motion sickness.
I always wondered about the weight issue on IFE's. They were pretty cool on my first UA777 flight from FRA to IAD when I was coming home on leave. It does seem like a waste of space. Last commercial flight was on F9, which I did like, but the IFE's didn't do much for me or my seatmates.
indy2001 -2
This is disappointing news from Delta. With perfectly good alternates available, Delta's choice to keep hauling all that unnecessary weight into the air on every flight results in a waste of fuel and unnecessary additional carbon in the atmosphere. As mentioned, getting rid of the screen means the under-seat boxes aren't needed, which is good news for passengers over 4 ft tall who need somewhere to put their feet. Also, it eliminates the disappointment of having a balky or non-functioning screen in front of you (which has happened to me on 2 of my last 3 Delta flights, and Delta Studio wasn't available as an alternate). I also find this quote troublesome..."With seat-back screens, customers don’t have to choose between using their phones or watching a movie." I wasn't aware that Delta now allows passengers to place in-flight phone calls, which would be an immediate disqualifier for me.

American's system works just fine and is a responsible way to address the IFE issue. I've used my Amazon Fire HD tablet and it has worked just fine. This issue won't affect which airline I might choose for future flights, but I'm disappointed in Delta.
I think "using their phones" means for texting, playing games, or using the calculator app. I had a frozen IFE screen once and I asked the FA if she could reset it and she did within just a few minutes.
Waste of fuel? Unnecessary additional carbon in the atmosphere? Troublesome quote? Really? Dear gussie!


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