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Emotional Reunion as Pilot Meets ZFW Team That Helped Save His Life

Over the better part of an hour, Porter and his Enis used every technique they knew to attempt to reach Edenhoffer. They asked other aircraft on frequency to attempt to reach Edenhoffer and continually advised him of his aircraft’s position to emergency airports and more favorable weather conditions for visual flight, even with no response. At that point, the team brainstormed new ways they could reach Edenhoffer. They finally were able to locate his cell phone number through a hospital that… ( 기타...

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canuck44 9
Creative thiniking in action.
One of my former students flies hard IMC in a C210 with boots, hot prop and windshield plate. Urged him to install a wing root mounted wind driven alternator that can be deployed with the pull of a lanyard. That supplies 20 amps to the radio stack. One night in IMC he needed it - and landed safely. Perhaps others reading this might want to install this redundancy.
“Peter was truly appreciative of our efforts that evening and we were even more appreciative that Peter's piloting skills and resourcefulness – he navigated above and in the clouds, in pitch black, with a failed electrical system using his cell phone’s automotive GPS mapping system – helped him end his flight with a successful outcome.”

Good job.
Valery, Brest, Belarus
flyerh 2
A really great story with a good out come. Brings back memories. When ever a close friend of mine and I meet our greeting is "it's a great day to be alive".

Thanks for sharing! Back in the 70's in the magazine 'Flying', I regularly read the monthly feature 'I learn about flying' which told the stories of various experiences pilots have had. I'm sure that reading those articles saved me and the lives of three others with me. I am VFR trained. For almost an hour in northern Quebec I was forced to fly at tree top level in cloud finally landing with no fuel showing in the fuel tanks. It was what I read in those articles, not in any formal training, that saw us through. Thanks ATC and the pilot for sharing this experience.
Smart phone, the electronic equivalent of duct tape.
crk112 1
I thought the phone number was required info on an IFR flight plan... surprised they didn't check there first ??

Awesome outcome regardless.
LOVE stories like this - things could've went south here real fast. Kudos to the ZFW team! Nice work! Top-notch piloting, too.

I'd have been in real trouble with my flip-phone here, lol.
Time to upgrade my friend!
Everyone's been telling me that for years. I work from home, so I don't really need a smart phone (nor do I need the bigger monthly bill). If I ever get into the sky, I'll have to break down and buy one ... but I'm going to be the last holdout until then, hahaha. :)
Maybe cell phone should be added to required flight following information.
Roger that, along with a charger for the phone! Haven't been PIC for a long time so I'm sure they are a standard fixture now days!


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