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So much for no litter left-behind! Burning Man's 747 plane is STILL in Nevada desert two weeks after the festival ended

A 747 airplane that was a main attraction at this year's Burning Man is still in the Nevada desert - two weeks after the festival ended. One of the main rules for Burning Man's 80,000 attendees is to 'leave no trace' at the site after the week-long event ends. ( 기타...

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bbabis 8
Take it out the same way it came in.
the bureau of land management should really push the sponsors and whomever runs that "festival",to get the remnants of that aircraft into a storage facility as promised..moving it 12 miles from its original location and leaving it there is hardly cleaning up..this yearly event has been around for a while, but it does require permits,etcetera,and i agree with jim myers on this..
The BLM required them to get a permit before moving it to its permanent site. Apparently the requirement for this permit was not communicated to the organizers of the 747 display in advance. Something should be happening today or over the weekend.

It's not abandoned.
If you've ever checked out the photos before and after Burning Man, they leave the place immaculate and start from absolute scratch the next year. This is an anomaly, and from the sound of it, one that is being corrected. The vitriol on the Daily Mail site was unbelievable. I commend this membership for at least being civil with your critical comments.
One has to qualify who 'they' are. Much is made of the 'leave no trace' ethos but it takes a dedicated group to clean up all the carp discarded by the less responsible participants. It's not just limited to the playa, Stuff, like trailers and RVs, get left by the wayside on the roads.
Lift it out with a giant airship. You only need to lift it a few feet off the ground to move it 12 miles. Then drag it with horses. A fitting end to an epic burning man prop.
dcmeigs 1
Just because you lift it with an airship and make it weightless, you have not rendered it with out mass and therefore momentum. Also consider the windage.
I say BLM should use this as an excuse to never issue another permit for Burning Man. It didn't just appear there, they towed it across a conservation area illegally and then abandoned it, thinking that no one would find it.
Wow, the wonderfully informative Daily Mail considers this newsworthy?

MrTommy 1
They had to have a permit to move it out there. Then they moved it from the original location - and now they have to get a permit to remove it? What's wrong with this picture? What if they decide NOT to get a permit? Does it stay there forever? I'm not sure what roads they are talking about either. I've been out there several times (not for Burning Man, just cruising around), and there ARE no roads. None. You just drive on the playa and hope you don't encounter a soft wet spot. After a while, there 'looks' like there are roads but it's just the tracks of folks driving out before you. This 'festival' gets crazier every year.
Nevada has Whore houses and more crime cartels than you can count, and you are worried about an article in an "English Newspaper" and kick up a fuss because this plane carcass has to wait on a permit? Get a life Nevada!


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