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Vintage airplane to become cocktail lounge at new TWA Hotel at JFK

A vintage Lockheed Constellation is set to undertake a long, slow journey from Maine to New York where it will be turned into a cocktail lounge. ( 기타...

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Had 1.3 hours in a Super Conny back in 72. Glad to see this is being put to good use instead of chopping it up.
dee9bee 6
I know my glass is 'half empty', (no pun intended) but I wonder how much a bottle of 'Bud will cost? Still worth the price, once.
It would be worth a visit just to see it... See the history. Problem is many today with short memories and those who are too old to remember will not appreciate it. I am sure the drinks will be high, but you do not have to consume alcohol to appreciate its history.
Can't wait to see the toll that poor driver has to pay to cross the GW bridge, albeit that there's still potholes large enough to swallow the plane up.
It would not take the GWB but more likely the Whitestone to get to JFK.
throgs neck
Turn right in 30 feet. Ooops! Too late.
I am a member of Historical Aircraft Restoration Society HARS in NSW Australia and our pride and joy is a Military version C121 Constellation recovered from Davis Monthan Airbase,restored and flown home to our museum in Albion Park Rail 1 hour south of Sydney.She is a beautiful old bird and still performs very well.An amazing fact is that our Connie and the Breitling Super Connie in Switzerland were both built next to each other.HARS Connie was #4176 & Breitling was #4177.
It was just in our local news, The Hauler got a flat tire on Route 495S on the trip to NY and it created a tourist traffic jam. Not every day you can catch a Connie on the side of the road.
Good idea using a Constellation for a Jet Age hotel
Many moons ago in the mid to early 50s I flew EWR to BAL with my mother. While not my 1st flight this one was on a Constellation. I don't recall the carrier, but Eastern was our regular air line out of Newark to Baltimore. What a treat. It was many years later that I flew on my first civilian Jet . I think it was a Viscount from New York to the Islands.
Years ago a Constellation served as a cocktail lounge at the Toronto Airport Constellation Hotel - the hotel was torn down a few years ago (sadly because the original Hotel Tower was iconic) Here is a picture of the "Connie"
Kevin, I think the Connie you're describing is the one now at Museum of Flight in Seattle repainted in TCA (Trans Canada Airlines) livery of the period.
That must be it - glad to see it found a good home
Hugh is right Kevin. It was moved from the hotel some time before the hotel closed and served as a restaurant at the north end of YYZ before being sold. I used to eat there after work. Another lose for the GTA(Greater Toronto Area) history.
Yes I remember when it was parked on the north end of the airport (where the Signature Aviation terminal is IIRC).
There is a Constellation as the FBO at - 4N1 - Greenwood Lake Airport.

Landing it on the (then) 2,500ft runway took a bit of doing.
How are the seats spaced and what is their pitch ? Drinks served on trays ? Is the restroom the same size ?
old, wingless but sexier than anything flying today
Wow ! Took my 3rd flight (ever until then) in a tri-tail " Connie " in 1947 (PAA Livery)on a 24 hour flight from Idlewild (JFK) to Lisbon,Portugal, with an overnight stopover ( due to weather ) in Gander,Newfoundland and a fuel stop (tremendous headwinds)in Shannon Ireland.What an adventure for an 11 year old...And what a magnificent aircraft...everything was "First-class" !
My buddy was stuck behind this plane as it was trucked down 95 from NH through MA. Got some great pictures though!
I think its a wonderful idea, along with the hotel itself..a little history along with a modern be sure it will bring back memories to an older crowd, and be a "wow" to younger travellers...
look up the information on the twa hotel being built and you will find the information on the whole project..interesting information..
Back in 1958, when I was a young boy, my family flew from Germany to New York in a Super Connie. I still remember a lot of that trip. Awesome, simply awesome.
If they build this...I will visit it.
Did the Connie fly from either LFA or JFK to BOS in the 60s. Because I am rather certain that is what I flew one time. It was not luxurious, though, believe me.
Article says: "Once in New York, the L-1649A Starliner will serve as the cocktail lounge outside TWA Hotel, a hotel that promises to bring back "the magic of the Jet Age."
The Constellation, a jet?


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