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Is Lufthansa About To Order 15 Airbus A380neos?

Lufthansa could be about to order 15 new A380 aircraft according to unconfirmed rumours. The German flag carrier currently operates 14 of the A380, with the most recent delivered in April of 2015. Lufthansa hinted that more A380s had been ordered through a tweet published on Friday. ( More...

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Cansojr 3
LUFTHANSA is up to something if they are hiring 8000 new employees in the next couple of years. They will need crews, AME's, Pilots, ground and handling crew and station managers. I believe that LUFTHANSA has a deal up its sleeve. This is a huge aircraft by any standard. LUFTHANSA is also widely regarded as one of the safest airlines in the world. So all these tidbits of information seem to indicate that something is happening with the GERMAN FLAG CARRIER. Stay tuned.
chalet 2
The article says that AB has not sold enough 380s to write off the investment. Well, to be even handed, Boeing has not seen a single cent in profits on the 787 program even they extended the amortization period from the industry standard max 15 years to I believe 25.
joel wiley 1
This would have to be a business decision, and at the right price. Would Lufthansa nibble if it was 15 for the price of one? About the title, is Lufthansa singular or plural?

Was this story too nebulous for even MH370 to post?
Wolfgang Mohl 2
Lufthansa is singular, Luft meaning air and Hansa beeing a common latin translation of the german Hanse, see
Cansojr 0
This has nothing to do with the topic. This is not a German language class. Thanks for the information but it is UFI on string. Thank you.
joel wiley 0
Title amended from are to is after my post
Lufthansa News on Oct. 30:
"We are currently not in the process of ordering A380s."
ynot ssor 1
The article stated 'The rumour appears to have originated from a photographer for Airline Geeks. Shaquille Khan tweeted “A friend of mine heard through a friend of his that Lufthansa is ordering up to 15 A380neo aircraft.”'

Sure sounds convincing, don't it.
Shenghao Han -1
Been on an A380, didn't like the chaos of couple hundred economy passengers trying to board together... The line almost blocked off entire terminal in Frankfurt...
Cansojr 2
FRA is always a madhouse. If you have flown there you will find it is usually the current state affairs. I nearly missed a flight to YYZ since there was some delays in FRA. Our flight was an hour and a half waiting to board our 747-400.
john kilcher 0
patrick baker -2
i wonder about where they might employ those whales. Surely they are not staking out new cities to fly 380's into, or are they? THis is less smart than buying 15 more 747-8's: cheaper to buy, cheaper to fly, and damn near the same seating.... Hell of a trial balloon.....
Patrick, what rock have you been sleeping under, The A380 is much much more fuel efficient, much much roomier, much much quieter etc. Suggest you try flying in one, you may be pleasantly surprised
john kilcher 2
The best flight I have ever experienced albeit 2011. For the multitudes who fly cabin, this a/c is the best. Long may they fly but I know their areas of capitalization is limited.


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