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Indonesia Lion Air jet’s flight recorder found 3 days after crash

The Boeing 737 MAX 8 plane crashed 13 minutes after taking off. The pilot had requested clearance to return to the airport just 2-3 minutes after departing. ( 기타...

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Finding the Black Boxes takes way too long but the live flight information is becoming more important
linbb 1
And since its not always avalible guess it will just have to take time even with a data link that will not always work. Instant power failure bad weather and many other things will not always allow it to happen.

GUESS they could ground all AC of that type if you think that would work better until the boxes could be found.
A previous flight had the airspeed and altitude irregularity that had the same plane return to circle the airport then continue on. Then mechanics figured the problem was solved and plane went onto its fatal flight. Trouble shooting just by symptoms not knowing weather or time of day in case it was dark tells me one thing. Whatever it was precluded normal non autopilot flight was ruined. A pilot should be able to fly just by instruments and power settings. I figure it's a data or wiring conflict related to the autopilot and controls. The pilots should of been able to maintain control without airspeed and altitude by talking to the tower for info. There is a chance some information is being left out like artificial horizon or panel going out. Whatever the case it's bad.
That all sounds logic however it’s a max 8 it has four separate ADCs just in case they lost pilot copilot and standby. They still have a backup and they both run off of standby batteries that could have easily powerd these flight critical HSI instruments. So agreed it feels like pilot error however the max 8 is almost too smart to crash.
How about the ULB and ELT. Yeah they pinpoint right where the plane crashed via (ELT) and right where the plane is currently via (ULB). Something is hidden here!

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Agreed. This should be streaming via WiFi and saved to the cloud (no pun intended).
btweston 4
From a logistical point of view, that is hilarious.
I was joking but I guess it could have been taken seriously.
Already there is camera outside the cockpit - why not put one inside ?


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