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Delta Air Lines places A330-900 order with Airbus

Delta Air Lines has ordered ten additional Airbus A330-900 widebody aircraft, expanding the A330neo order book from 25 to 35 aircraft. This latest order supports Delta’s international growth strategy in the near to medium term. Simultaneously, Delta and Airbus have agreed to defer ten previously ordered A350 XWBs to 2025-26 in order to accommodate the airline’s long-term growth strategy. ( 기타...

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Funny Boeing doesn't have a similar 767neo or something. They swiftly removed passenger version 767 from marketing books few years ago to make airlines order the more expensive 787...
Presume these will replace the B767's some of which are now 28 years old. Delta knows how to get the most out of an older airframe. Most airlines would have ditched these long ago.
They have plenty of old A330 as well, some are approaching that kind of age when the new planes roll off the assembly line.
Their earliest A330's were built in 2002/2003 while their earliest B767's were built in 1990/1991. The A330's are barely broken in compared to the 767's!
Delta does not go out it's way to support American airplane industry,even though the industry has shifted thousands of jobs to Southern US.
Funny Airbus has a plant in the southern US.
ADXbear 3
Great airplane.. will miss the 767s..
For me, as a passenger, the B-767 is the most comfortable Boeing I've ever flown in (and I've tried all the jets, in many versions). Particularly good in turbulence, and very very stable!
I guess the only reason Delta is negotiating with Airbus is the price...Airbus jets are cheaper but nothing like Boeing...They have been the American carrier buying so many Airbuses...American is also negotiating with Airbus lately...Sooo will see who lasts longer....
I don't know if Delta receives government subsides but if they do receive them it should be stopped immediately.


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