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ltra-Orthodox passengers force two El Al flights to ground because they would still be in the air as the Sabbath commenced

Ultra-Orthodox passengers caused uproar on two flights from New York to Israel because they were worried they would still be in the air as Jewish Shabbat commenced. One El Al service from JFK diverted to Athens, Greece, amid angry scenes among those who feared they would be mid-flight at the start of the Jewish holy day, witnesses say. ( 기타...

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I’ll echo some of the previous comments.... It is 2018!
Sorry, the headline is supposed to begin with Ultra-Orthodox not ltra-Orthodox.
belzybob 2
Could have just been "Nutters force......"
Only allow the nutters to fly as baggage from now on.
Fellow passengers should have made it into a life-threatening situation - problem solved. How much will they pay the airline and PAV - I'm sure the lord will provide the resources to do so

che mex 2
If I had been the pilot, I would have continued the flight....We are living in the year 2018 not 200BC
che mex 1
or I would have them pay for the costs incurred....pleasing God has a price
Huh I thought being in the air was closer to heaven
Rob Hall 2
No words.
Let's not forget that this affected all passengers on board, not only the Jewish nutcases.


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