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Lion Air Stands Firm on Canceling $22 Billion Boeing Jet Orders

Lion Air Mentari’s owner is sketching out plans to become one of the world’s largest budget carriers, while also preparing to scrap $22 billion in Boeing Co. jet orders out of anger at the manufacturer’s response to an October air disaster. Rusdi Kirana, the co-founder of Lion Air, Indonesia’s biggest airline, mapped out the seemingly contradictory goals in an interview with Bloomberg on Tuesday. The crash that killed all 189 people aboard a Boeing 737 Max won’t derail his ambition to expand the… ( 기타...

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Greg S 6
Let's wait to see the accident report. Methinks the pilots will get the Lion's share of the blame.
Tis' the poor carpenter that blames his tools.
It is in Boeing's best interest to sell their jets only to customers who know how to properly operate them.
Greg77FA 3
100% True. However, regardless of Lion Air, the recent 737 Max incident did strike a chord along all operators that Boeing was not fully upfront, and if so, something was seriously amis in communication. New or not, every pilot needs to be informed of all systems and how to react.
Cansojr 0
That goes for all aircraft operators. Lately I have seen a trend to put inexperienced pilots in positions they have no place operating sophisticated aircraft. When I was coming-up the unwritten rule was that you had to have a minimum of 1000 hours multi-ifr before any operator of heavy turboprop or the first jet job needed this minimum in order to be marginally proficient. Now they are grinding out 250 hour wonders and sticking them in the right seat of any aircraft like the 757's and 767's where they have no business. Quoted from an 18,000 hour pilot. There is a fair amount of animosity between high time and low time pilots. Again, this situation happened with a low time FO. This individual lost it and burst into tears because of the turbulence (CAT). How will that individual peform in a real emergency? (Sorry for the length)
Meh. Unless they take better care of their aircraft, they'll find that at A320 makes about the same size of SPLASH.
They put inexperienced pilots in an airplane they done understand. They don’t know how to disconnect the trim? I know it’s a different system but there is a disconnect method.
indy2001 3
IMO it's all a ploy to try to get Boeing to renegotiate the current deal at lower prices. Otherwise Lion Air faces a company with a very tough attitude: "These are not things that can be exclusively canceled by either side." That would be a very costly settlement for Lion Air. So Lion Air gives up its slots on Boeing's production line and moves to the end of the Airbus line...also not smart. Maybe Lion Air thinks downsizing might be good, possibly to Embraer or the smaller aircraft that Airbus just grabbed (sorry, bought) from Bombardier. But there's still that Boeing bill to pay, so not much money to splash around. And in an indirect way, Lion Air leaving might be a temporary positive for Boeing since they can move other buyers up in the production line. It'll be interesting to watch this play out.
it will be interesing to see the face of Lion Air after they have cut off their nose to spite it... The entire cancellation charade is the Indonesian version of kabuki theater without the subtleties....They want to be a larger budget carrier, if they walk away from boeing and their deal with boeing that will add a decade and more before any movement toward size and expansion can occur.

Again, pitch + power = performance. Airspeed indicator failure and stick pusher be damned. Those are bandaids for sub par pilots who grew up playing video games and clueless as to how to fly a wounded bird.
Cansojr 1
And do what go with airbus a320neo. Lots of work and money too do such a thing..
this guy does not understand the fundamentals here: two suppliers of airliners, unless he want to fly russian or chinese aircraft( bet the number of crashes/incidents rises a lot), and airbus will not bump customers to accomodate this operation. Boeing has a stringent contract in place, with damages assessable under unilateral walkaways, so that might also put a crimp in his halusations.


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